Haigazian University

Priyan P. Khakhar, Ph.D.

Dr. Priyan Khakhar
Assistant Professor of International Business and Marketing
Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
Office: Aharonian Bulding,  Room #5
Tel. ext.: 374


Priyan Khakhar is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Haigazian University. He teaches courses in Marketing, Advertising and Research Methodology; both quantitative and qualitative methods at the graduate and undergraduate levels. His qualifications were obtained from Manchester UK, where he partially grew up. He was the youngest to graduate from both the MSc program at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology UMIST (aged 22) and the PhD at The University of Manchester Business School MBS (aged 27) – both being AACSB accredited. He also gained valuable international experience working at Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris ESCP-EAP involving projects in the UK, Germany and France. He has also taught within the Strategy and International Business Division at MBS for an extensive period after his MSc, and during his PhD. After these achievements in both academia and consulting, he decided to move to the Middle East in order to enhance his global exposure and to better understand this vibrant region, which was bound to play an increasingly important role on the international scene as well as provide a platform to explore resulting research opportunities, and joined the American University of Beirut (AUB) on his arrival. He is also currently also Adjunct Faculty for the Global MBA by MBS, which is rated in the top 10 within business programs internationally (Financial Times ranking). Dr. Khakhar serves as the security Warden for the Hamra area for the British Embassy.
Dr. Khakhar has attended and presented academic papers at peer-reviewed academic conferences in the USA, Malaysia and the UK. His research includes an impact factor publication (in press 2013) in the International Business Review (IBR) (2.13 – 5yr impact factor index, rated A+ in the Australian Dean’s List). This research paper entitled: Examining negotiating styles between Arab and non-Arab MNE managers was also requested by the Chair at Manchester Business School for use in some of their teachings at the MBA level. The paper also had some interesting marketing communication implications.


• Principles of Marketing
• Organizational Behavior
• Marketing Research Theory (MBA level)
• Public Relations in Marketing
• International Marketing (MBA level)
• Marketing Management (MBA level)
• International Management
• International Business Communications and Negotiations (MBA Level)


International Relations and Diplomacy, Foreign Direct Investment, Country Risk Analysis, International Business Negotiations


– Khakhar, P. (2016) “Deconstructing International Business Power: Affects on negotiating atmospheres”, Journal of Transnational Management (Forthcoming)
– Khakhar, P. (2015) “The Negotiating CEO: The role of social power in international business negotiations”, Advances in Global Business Research, ISS# 1549-9332
– Khakhar, P. and Leigh, L. (2015) “The Effect of Negotiator Characteristics on the success of international B2B negotiations”, The International Marketing Trends Congress.
– Khakhar, P. and Rammal, H.G. (2013) “Culture and Business Networks: International Business Negotiations with Arab Managers”, International Business Review. Vol. 22(3), pp.578-590. (Impact factor 2.12 /5yr, Citations:15, Ranking A+)
– Khakhar, P. and Rammal, H.G. (2011) “An analysis of negotiation practices with Lebanese MNE managers”, Oman Business and Management Conference.


2016 McGraw-Hill Education Distinguished Paper Award Presented at the Federation of Business Disciplines conference held at the Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, USA) on March 9—10, 2016 for the paper entitled, “Integrative Versus Distributive International Business Negotiations: The Role of the International Manager authored by Priyan Khakhar Zafar U. Ahmed, and Laurence Leigh”.

2016 Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators (USA) Conference Best Paper Award in Track Presented at the Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, USA) on March 9—10, 2016 for the Paper entitled, “Integrative Versus Distributive International Business Negotiations: The Role of the International Manager authored by Priyan Khakhar, Zafar U. Ahmed, and Laurence Leigh”.


Ph.D., Manchester Business School
MSc. Manchester Business School
B.A. Manchester Metropolitan University, with a placement at Oxford for 1 year.