Haigazian University


Special, Part-Time and Auditors

Special Students

Special students are not candidates for a degree from Haigazian University. Admission of special students normally requires the completion of secondary school and the passing of the English Proficiency Test . Students who wish to enroll in courses not taught in English may be exempted from the English Proficiency Test by the Admissions Committee. However, if the course in which a student wishes to enroll has a prerequisite, this requirement should be met first.

Any change of status (Special to Regular) will be made by a petition to the Admissions Committee. Credit for courses taken prior to change of status will count toward a degree only by the approval of the Admissions Committee, on condition that the student has fulfilled the admission requirements of the University at the time of admission as a special student.

Part Time Students

Working adults, over 25 years old, who are seeking a degree, may apply as part time students and register for two or more courses per semester. They are required to complete the admission requirements of the University, and must complete all graduation requirements within seven calendar years. Students who need less than 12 credits to complete their graduation requirements and those who are granted special permission by the Academic Standing Committee are also considered part-time students. Special permission is usually granted to students who are facing health or family problems which may affect their performance.


Auditors are admitted to attend courses upon presenting a special application for auditors and upon obtaining the permission of the Registrar and the Chair. Auditors must present evidence that they have completed secondary school, but this requirement may be waived by the Admissions Committee if the student has intellectual maturity and has been working for a number of years. Since the University does not recognize auditors as regular students; they should not take examinations. It is not allowed to audit laboratory, practicum, internship, observation, and seminar courses. Auditors do not receive credit for auditing a course and audited courses do not appear on transcripts. Auditors may receive a certificate of registration.