Haigazian University

Open Week for High School Students at Haigazian University

Nov, 13
Open Week for High School Students at Haigazian University

During the week of November 13 -17, Haigazian University hosted a large number of high school students (grade 11 and 12), from numerous Lebanese schools at an open week program, especially designed to introduce, expose and guide them in their choice of major and career.

This program which falls within the University’s enterprising vision and strategic plan of growth, and aspiring to be the institution of choice for students, will attract and engage talented prospective applicants from different socio-economic backgrounds to develop into well-rounded thinkers and future leaders of their respective communities.

During this one-week program, students were enriched by Haigazian University’s pool of dedicated experts from various academic and administrative departments, namely the Admissions Office and Student Life, as well as current students, who provided all necessary information and guidance.

Considered as an important “stepping stone” in the choice of majors and specializations, the program offered students the opportunity to attend various classes, thus, enjoying live classroom interaction.  Students were also introduced to the various scholarships and financial aid programs the University offers. It was also a perfect occasion for the high school students to network and get firsthand information from current university students who genuinely shared their experiences with them.

Through such programs, Haigazian University strengthens its partnership with the schools, enhancing the already existing communication line between the two educational entities, thus, mutually contributing to the promising future of the new generation.


Mira Yardemian
PR Director