Haigazian University

Music Club’s “Spring Harmony” Concert

Apr, 30
Music Club’s “Spring Harmony” Concert

On the 14th of April 2018 the Haigazian University Music Club performed “Spring Harmony” at the NEST auditorium, with close to 200 people in attendance. After months of hard work, eighteen members of the club got on stage and delivered a polished performance, making the event a success. The concert had three parts, which proceeded without a break. First, a variety of solo pieces from the classical repertoire were performed. Then they delivered music from various cultures, including Armenian and Arabic. The final section included popular music from Europe and the West.

We are grateful to the Student Life Office, which handled organizational, technical and logistic and financial details. Special thanks goes to the director, Reverend Nishan Bakalian, whose support was very essential.

The members of the Music Club are already very excited about the coming year, and are planning another wonderful and memorable concert.

Those who participated were: Vahan Saghdejian, Piano; Hagop Pamboukian, Guitar & Bass; Nejteh Bodroumian, Vocal; Talar Haidostian, Piano & Vocal; Samer Jaber, Piano; Minas Atamian, Vocal; Ari Vartanian, Piano & Drums; Harout Danagholian, Guitar; Arleen Avakian, Flute; Nare Ashkarian, Violin; Puzant Bakjejian, Guitar; Garo Antossian, Piano; Palig Berejiklian, Vocal; Naroy Atamian, Vocal; Hovig Ashekian, Violin; George Sarkissian, Vocal; Yara Salman, Piano; Gacia Kroghlian, Violin.