Haigazian University

The Future Belongs to the Hopeful Ones

Jan, 18
The Future Belongs to the Hopeful Ones

Dear Haigazian University students, faculty, and staff,

On this first day of the 2nd semester of 2020-2021, I send you my wishes for a sense of renewal of hopes and plans in the coming season.

It has been fifteen months, and very little seems normal around us. What just two years ago seemed insignificant or inconsequential looks like an impossibility these days. For some of you in the first year, the rich life on campus is almost an unknown. For many others, a crowded classroom, cafeteria or auditorium feel simply as distant memory. We, and others in our country and the world, have been experiencing much anxiety and frustration for all the reasons that you are familiar with. Our community in Lebanon has been going through indescribable financial, physical and emotional distress, and yet what we have always known and want to remember today is that there is much more, and there are things much deeper than our restrictive experiences and failures.

No matter what the challenges, we are grateful that our academic journey at Haigazian University, or at least many aspects of it are possible to continue with the facilities of online work, and I am thankful that much effort has been put by all of you to continue the journey in the ways that have been possible. Nothing seems ideal, fulfilling or satisfactory to all, but we continue with resolve and joint determination. Even in the worst of times, we enjoy blessings that keep us going.

In the current semester, we are planning to continue doing our academic work not only through classes and research, but also through conferences and seminars and online student activities, with the hope that conditions will allow us to be enriched again with physical presence when all is safe.

Let us, then, do our best today, and face challenges with confident wills and faithful hearts. The future belongs to the hopeful ones. Our semester will be as successful as we will shape it together. Therefore, be patient with each other, keep the daily routine and discipline, doing your best today so that tomorrow may be favorable.

May our semester be blessed and may you stay vigilant in COVID-19 matters and exercise restraint, personally and collectively.

Rev. Paul Haidostian, Ph.D.

Photo taken by Vahan Saghdejian a couple of days ago on campus. May it serve as a warm souvenir for all.