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2nd Prize for the Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics Students

May, 06
2nd Prize for the Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics Students

Under the project titled “End Food Insecurity: A Matter of Justice and Learning Responsibly”, Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics students won the 2nd Prize – Art, Design & Communication section- at IBDAA’s 16th edition, with the creation of a new “YouTube channel” addressing food security matters in Lebanon.

The Haigazian team composed of four students, Loulwa Jammal, Margrita Kojamanian, Rita Agopian, Nour Yehia, and Leen El Rassamni, under the supervision of their professor Dr. Sima Hamadeh, took part in the annual national-wide visual forum and student competition, organized by Dr. Najat Saliba, Director of the Nature Conservation Center at AUB, on Friday the 29th of April, 2022 on the Agriculture’s square at AUB campus.

Students were classified in 4 different sessions (Art, design & communication; Business planning; Product development; and Research) had the chance to share interdisciplinary ideas and innovations with each other and most importantly with professors and field experts. In total, 31 groups from 5 universities (HU, AUB, USJ, Sagesse University, BAU) have participated in IBDAA 2022.

Students had the chance of networking with experts, investors, journalists, influencers, incubators, as well as becoming part of social and bio-networks. The team’s project was evaluated by renowned judges in the field, and highly appreciated by jury member Mr. Ricardo Karam, a renowned talk-show host, public speaker, writer and advocate of promoting Arab achievement and social causes.

Learn more by subscribing End Food Insecurity youtube channel as many interesting videos, podcasts and documentaries will be posted regularly: https://youtube.com/channel/UC0TWF1gtqVCgcX1pmG1q6aQ


Mira Yardemian

Public Relations Director