Haigazian University

Dr. Sarang Kim as Artist in Residence

May, 21

Haigazian University Welcomes Dr. Sarang Kim as its First Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence Program at Haigazian University, initiated in May 2024, is designed for distinguished artists and arts scholars. As a first, we are proud to welcome Dr. Sarang (Sarah) Kim, a Korean ethnomusicologist, who will engage in creative and scholarly activities that enhance the academic and cultural environment of the university.

Dr. Kim will serve as Artist in Residence from June 2024 until the end of November 2025, becoming an integral part of the Haigazian University academic community.

Research, Scholarship, and Community Engagement:

  • Innovative Research: Dr. Kim will conduct pioneering research in the field of music, with a focus on ethnomusicology. Her work will include a comparative study between Near Eastern, particularly Lebanese Armenian, and Korean choral music, as well as other musical fields.
  • Publication and Lectures: Dr. Kim will publish her research findings in reputable journals and deliver public lectures at Haigazian University, sharing her insights and advancing the field of ethnomusicology.
  • Collaboration and Cultural Contribution: Dr. Kim will collaborate with faculty, staff, and students on musical activities, significantly contributing to the university’s cultural life, especially as Haigazian University celebrates its 70th anniversary in the year 2025.
  • Armenian Diaspora Research Center (ADRC): Dr. Kim’s scholarly work will be part of the ongoing activities of the ADRC.

Upon commencement of activity, Dr. Kim can be reached at: artistinresidence@haigazian.edu.lb

We welcome Dr. Sarang Kim into our community and look forward to an enriching season of creative activity and academic excellence.