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Haigazian University Baccalaureate Service for the Class of 2024 Dr. Michael Bassous on “Being Human”

Jun, 04
Haigazian University Baccalaureate Service for the Class of 2024      Dr. Michael Bassous on “Being Human”

“Being human is being created in the image and likeness of our Creator as unique individuals”, said Dr. Michael Bassous, General Secretary and CEO of the Bible Society Lebanon, to the graduating class of 2024, at the Baccalaureate Service ceremony which took place at the First Armenian Evangelical Church, on Sunday the 2nd of June, 2024.

In his keynote address entitled “Being Human”, Dr. Bassous focused on the concept of “being human” in contrast to “human being” as an invitation to live life based on what characterizes – and differentiates – the homo sapiens.

To the question asked to graduates, “what part of “being human” do you want to take with you to this world”, Bassous responded by listing three essential human values:
First, the relational aspect, the flow of interaction with others who are culturally, ethnically, and physically different; Second, the cognitive empathy, the ability to put oneself in someone else’ s place, perspective-taking, or accepting an alternative point of view; Third, the AI disposition and its infiltration of every aspect of our lives.

Bassous concluded his message on “being human,” as “being created in the image and likeness of our Creator as unique individuals with an inimitable DNA fabric.”

For his part, President of Haigazian University, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian addressed the graduates, emphasizing on the notions of “gratitude” and “thanksgiving”.

“We at Haigazian University, are not shy in saying thanks to the Lord of our lives. We believe that lives, even negative ones can be transformed by grace and love,” said Haidostian.

He further considered “gratitude” as one of the most beautiful emotions one can have, given its healing, harmonizing, comforting, edifying, and elevating effects.

Putting particular emphasis on education, Haidostian noted, “feeling grateful, and even expressing gratitude is a fruit of good education, training, that lead to good perception of grace.”

Haidostian concluded his speech by inviting the graduates to be thankful and grateful to all those who accompanied them in their life journey thus far. “On this Baccalaureate Service, be thankful to those who accompanied you when you were born, when on your journey of growth, and many accompanied you with sacrifice, guidance, sharing, love and friendship,” he noted.

This solemn ceremony of dedication and thanksgiving started with a Call to Worship offered by Rev. Jirair Ghazarian, Pastor of the First Armenian Evangelical Church, with many graduating students bringing their participation in the program: Kegham Sarkis, Serly Topayan and Aleen Manuelian read passages from the Old and New Testament; Marie Belle Milan reflected on her University years; talented musicians Yasmina Srour, Garod Kambourian, Alex Dabaghian, Hasmig Aintablian and Arine Markarian brought their part with songs and instrumental music.

After the prayer of dedication offered by Campus Minister, Rev. Dr. Wilbert van Saane, students Alyag Momjian and Andrew Tohme read the pledge of the graduates which states: “We, the class of 2024 of Haigazian University, in receiving this light, pledge to hold high the light of truth, to defend the light of freedom, and to spread the light of service to our communities, our country and our world. With truth, freedom and service illuminating our hearts, we will challenge each other, and our world, to uphold the worth of each human being, and we will strive for the betterment of society, knowing that this is pleasing to God.”

The thanksgiving ceremony concluded with a prayer of benediction, after which the graduating class of 2024 marched out of the sanctuary, each carrying the light of truth, freedom and service to the world.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director