Haigazian University

Academic Policies and Procedures Announcement

Spring 2019-2020 Academic Policies and Procedures

Because of the extraordinary circumstances that have prevailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Haigazian University will implement the following policies and procedures exceptionally for the Spring 2019-2020 semester.

Grading Policy

Haigazian University has decided to implement an optional Pass / No Pass policy in both undergraduate and graduate programs exceptionally in the Spring 2019-2020 semester. This means that the students have the option to choose a numerical grade or an alternative grade of Pass / No Pass. They will be able to see their final course grade on their PORTAL and then choose either a numerical or a Pass / No Pass grade for each course. The students should submit their decision the latest by June 17.

A grade of Pass means that the student has successfully completed the course and has earned the corresponding credits. A grade of No Pass means that the student has not completed the course successfully therefore has not earned credit for it. Pass and No Pass grades do not enter in the calculation of the student’s averages.

The students should make the decision on a course by course basis taking into consideration the impact of their choices on their averages. The students will be able to see the result of their different choices on their averages before making a decision. Once the students submit their decision, they will not be able to change it.

The following are important points to consider:

Incomplete Grades

Students who are not able to participate in online lectures, submit their assignments/projects/reports, or complete the required number of internship, training, or practicum hours by May 15 or sit for their final exam for a valid reason will receive an incomplete grade (I) and a date will be set by the instructor for the completion of the course. The missing work must be completed within six weeks of the beginning of the Fall 2020-2021 semester. The students who receive an incomplete grade (I) will not be able to opt for a Pass / No Pass grade. Students who expect to graduate in Spring 2019-2020 should complete all course requirements to be able to graduate. If they foresee any reason not to complete the requirements of a course, they are requested to contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible for advice.

XF Grade

Students who have failed to attend online lectures after February 29 or have missed the final exam or the final project will receive an incomplete grade (I) instead of XF. These students will be given the chance to complete the requirements of their course as per incomplete grade policy. Those who fail to complete the requirements of their course within the given deadline, shall receive an IF (Incomplete Fail).


The policy regarding class attendance will be suspended. No student will be penalized for missing online lectures. The attendance and participation grade shall be based on attendance before February 29, 2020. The instructor has the discretion to reallocate the attendance and participation % to other material.

Suspension of Academic Recognition/Standing

Because of the extraordinary circumstances of this semester and the grading options available to students, the academic recognition/standing of students will be suspended. Students will not be placed on probation, continued probation, Dean’s list, or President’s list. Students will not be able to remove probation at the end of the current semester. No student will be dismissed because of his/her academic performance during the current semester and the performance of the student in the current semester will not impact future decisions of dismissal. Those who were placed on the Dean’s or President’s lists at the end of Fall 2019-2020 semester will be able to benefit from the advantages accompanied with their academic recognition. Probation students who show significant academic progress and students who show exceptional performance which would have allowed them to remove probation or be placed on Dean’s or Presidents’ lists, may petition the Financial Aid Committee for reinstatement of their financial aid or to benefit from the Dean’s and President’s Scholarships.

Course Withdrawal

Students planning to withdraw from a course need to do so by May 6. Students who are not able to complete the requirements of a course for a valid reason are encouraged not to withdraw from the course. They may receive an incomplete grade and complete the course requirements as per incomplete grade policy. All students contemplating withdrawal are encouraged to contact the Registrar’s Office for advice before finalizing their decision.

Thesis Defense

The deadline for thesis defense is May 29 and the deadline to deposit the thesis in the library is June 10. The student will defend his/her thesis online through Zoom video call and arrangements will be made centrally by the ITS Department. The advisor of the student should provide the ITS Department (its@haigazian.edu.lb), no later than a week prior to the defense date, the following information: date and time, duration, and email address of invitees including the student’s. The ITS Department will send the invitation to all concerned and circulate it internally. As usual, after the completion of the thesis defense, the advisor of the student should obtain the signatures required and submit the Appendix 5A (Report on Thesis Defense) to the Registrar’s Office. If not otherwise possible, the approvals of the committee members may be obtained and the form submitted by email. The Registrar’s Office will then contact the student for guidance regarding how to proceed.