Haigazian University


Cross Registration

The University has cross-registration articulations with the Near East School of Theology, the American University of Beirut, Balamand University, The Lebanese American University, Middle East University, and Notre Dame University. Courses taken outside Haigazian University under this program must be approved in advance by the Registrar. They will count as Haigazian courses on the student’s record, but they cannot be counted toward fulfillment of the Haigazian residency requirements. The following regulations apply:

  1. Only full-time students will be permitted to cross-register.
  2. No student should cross-register for a course which is offered at Haigazian University, or which will be offered at a time when the student can conveniently take it.
  3. Students should not cross-register during their first semester at Haigazian University.
  4. At least half the credits taken in a semester must be at Haigazian University.
  5. No student on academic probation may cross-register for any course.
  6. Students may cross-register for a course only if their major average at Haigazian University is at least 70.
  7. Students will not be permitted to take elective courses by cross-registration if there are required courses they can take at Haigazian University.
  8. Students may cross-register for elective courses only when suitable elective courses are not available at Haigazian University. 
  9. Students may cross-register for certain courses in their major which are not offered at Haigazian University upon the recommendation of their advisors.
  10. Students may be required to cross-register for certain courses which Haigazian University is unable to offer. In such cases, the restrictions on cross-registration stated above will not apply.
  11. Students will be expected to pay the tuition fees at the institution where they intend to cross-register.