Haigazian University


Re-Admission Policy

Graduate students who have not been enrolled for two consecutive semesters or more must apply for re-admission by submitting:

  1. A re-admission form and paying a re-admission fee.
  2. A statement which justifies the absence from the program and explains the reasons for returning.
  3. Transcripts of any university work done during absence from Haigazian University and other documents as required by the department, if applicable.

Re-admission will be based on the current admissions policies, and the student will be required to meet current program requirements. Any course work previously completed at HU that is more than four years old at the time of re-admission will need to be reviewed for acceptance by the department.
A student who is dropped from the Master’s program because of having failed the comprehensive exams twice may apply for readmission after a period of two years from the time of leaving the University. In order for the request to be processed, the student should produce evidence of having been actively involved during the two years in areas that are relevant to his/her graduate field of study.