Haigazian University

Rula Halaby Abou Nasr, M.S.

Mrs. Rula Abou Nasr
Lecturer in Biology
Department of Biology
Office: MEH 604
Tel. ext.: 357


Mrs. Rula Abou Nasr received her B.S. in Biology from the American University of Beirut in 1991 and her M.S. in Medical Sciences (Microbiology) from the same university in 1995. Since then she has been teaching at Haigazian University and LAU. She is a lecturer in the Biology,  Medical Laboratory Science and Nutrition Departments teaching introductory biology, food microbiology, medical virology, parasitology, and bacteriology courses. She is also providing a training course in diagnostic bacteriology to medical laboratory students. She gave several public seminars to develop awareness in people about SARS and H1N1 influenza viruses.


Medical Bacteriology
Medical Virology
Medical Parasitology


M.S., American University of Beirut
B.S., American University of Beirut