Haigazian University



(Founded 2001)


Definition: The team represents swimming at Haigazian University and participates in local and international inter-university tournaments and championships.

Objectives: To promote swimming at HU, to organize friendly games, to participate in local and international tournaments, to enhance the members’ physical capabilities, to obtain commendable results in inter-university tournaments, to establish contacts with other university teams, and to organize group outings as a means of socializing.

Guidelines: Through try-outs the coach chooses the members of the Team. The team practices twice a week and participates in friendly inter-university competitions. Members can miss a maximum of 2 practices per month.

Structure/Membership: Every current HU student, physically fit and free of any health problems, is entitled to join the team. The team is composed of 10 students selected by the coach in consultation with the Sports Coordinator.

Past Achievements: Throughout the year the Team participated in several inter-university championships and tournaments organized by the FSUL; they achieved commendable results.

Team Coach: Gassia Kelougian