Haigazian University


Transfer Students

Candidates for admission with advanced standing must present an official transcript of all university work. Candidates’ academic record will be evaluated by the Academic Standing Committee on condition that the candidates meet Haigazian University admission requirements before their admission to the institution from which they are transferring. All transfer students must pass one of the English examinations accepted by Haigazian University. Applicants who have successfully completed one year of university work (30 credits) and meet the English language proficiency requirements of Haigazian University are exempted from these English examinations.

Students may receive credit for courses which are considered comparable to the courses offered at Haigazian University. They are required to submit the syllabi of the courses for which they expect to receive credit. Only credits are transferred from other universities. The grades are not transferable. No work done at other institutions after admission to Haigazian University will be considered for transfer credit, unless there is approval in advance by the Registrar. Students should ask the Registrar about transfer of credits to their Haigazian University record for work done elsewhere. All arrangements for credit must be completed before taking the course at another institution.