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Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) information for HU Students and Community

Apr, 30
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) information for HU Students and Community

As the health, safety, and well-being of the Haigazian University community is our top priority, the University continues to close its doors to reduce the number of people on campus and to minimize the chances for the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The University is operating under the directives of the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Higher Education and is continuously monitoring information from local health authorities.

We are all undeniably anxious about COVID-19; the way it has impacted life normalcy and with the unknowns that it poses, added to all the challenges that our country has been passing through since October 17, 2019 and even before. And yet, our academic community has made a significant adjustment to transition into virtual learning and home-bound service and is doing a commendable effort to rise to the challenge.  I thank our HU community, our students, faculty, and staff for their tireless efforts, patience and perseverance.

As the campus and administrative offices remain closed until further notice, this announcement has been prepared to give you guidance in the subsequent sections on how to follow-up on academic and administrative concerns and matters during the extended period of lockdown at least till April 12, 2020.

The University has also dedicated the following two hotlines to assist you with your questions from 9:00am till 6:00pm daily, except for weekends:

–          Information Desk Office: 78-999 618

–          Student Life: 76-184542

 Academic Matters

While the University is working hard to maintain academic continuity for the current semester and many of our programs are on track, we naturally anticipate a varied outcome for different courses than that of physical learning in classrooms. In that respect, your respective Dean would like to receive your comments and concerns, so that they can address them with concerned faculty. Accordingly, for matters related to the Faculty of Business Administrations & Economics we encourage you to reach out to Dean Fadi Asrawi by e-mailing to fadi.asrawi@haigazian.edu.lb and for matters related to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences to reach out to Dean Arda Ekmekji by e-mailing to arda.ekmekji@haigazian.edu.lb.

IT Matters

We are aware that during this extended period our university’s Classroom Management System is your primary academic resource. For any support on using the Classroom Management, you can address your questions to its@haigazian.edu.lb.

Matters related to the Admissions Office

The Admissions Office is currently revising the Academic Policies and the Academic Calendar in light of the current situation, to accommodate special provisions that these extraordinary circumstances may impose. Therefore, withdrawals, submission of financial aid applications and renewals for current students, thesis defence, and other deadlines will all be revised and announced in due time.  We will make every effort to ease the pressure our current and prospective students may face, while maintaining academic integrity.

Transcripts, Letters & Other documents

The Registrar’s Office will exercise all efforts in order to assist inquirers regarding transcripts, certificates and other types of documents normally issued by the Registrar’s Office. For any requests, contact by e-mail through studentservices@haigazian.edu.lb

Submission of Admissions and Financial Aid Applications

Haigazian University has extended the deadline for submitting new student applications. To download the application forms press Ctrl and Click on the following links:

–           Undergraduate Application

–           Graduate Application

After downloading, fill out the application and submit it by email to admissions@haigazian.edu.lb. Applications that are incomplete will be accepted. For inquiries concerning applications and admissions, email admissions@haigazian.edu.lb.

The University is also accepting Financial Aid Applications. To download the application press Ctrl and Click on the following link:

–          Financial aid applications

After downloading, fill out the application and submit it by email to financialaid@haigazian.edu.lb.

Tuition & Registration Payments

Given the current extraordinary times, students who are paying their tuition fees through deferred payments, no penalties will be charged for the delayed payment of the 3rd instalment, beyond the due date of April 4, 2020. Further announcements in this respect will be made upon the availability of information and we will make every effort to support our students in their time of need.

For further information regarding financial matters, you can address your inquires to billing@haigazian.edu.lb

Library Resources

The Library staff are already trying to assist students with online resources whenever requested. Library needs can be addressed by e-mail to houry.avedikian@haigazian.edu.lb.

HU Writing Center

For the assistance of the Haigazian University Writing Center, kindly email: writingcenter@haigazian.edu.lb

Student Life Counseling Services

For those students who need counseling support at this stage, you may contact Ms. Rachel Bassous by sending an email to Rachel.Bassous@haigazian.edu.lb

Center for Continuing Education

The Center for Continuing Education is resuming some of its courses online. For further information on available online courses, e-mail to cce@haigazian.edu.lb

We thank you for your resilience as we all learn to cope with physical and social distancing out of deeper care for our loved ones and our community.

We assure you that we are committed to completing the semester with the least possible extension of the calendar, using all the technological and instructional ways possible to reach our goal.  While it is not possible to make predictions about this pandemic and our conditions in the country, we are confident that we will pass through this challenging phase with a future-oriented resolve.

We will continue to update this page to keep you informed.



Rev. Paul Haidostian, PhD.