Haigazian University


Valedictory Address

Distinguished Guests, Mr. President, Deans, faculty and staff members, dear family and friends, and fellow graduates, good evening.
It gives me great pleasure and honor to stand before you to speak on behalf of the Graduating Class of 2018.
My fellow graduates, I understand how eager we all are at this point to throw our caps in the air, but before we finally do so, let us dwell a bit on how far we have come and how much we have achieved, so that we understand what it means to be here today.
It seems like not too long ago when we first entered the gates of Haigazian, excited, nervous, unsure of what would lie ahead. Over the years, we studied hard day and night,endured the stress of finals, and sacrificed hours of our free time. On many days, I know we forced ourselves to attend lectures, I know we procrastinated, and I know we always drew motivation from one another. The road has not been an easy one. But this very evening, we are seated here, ready to earn what we have invested dearly in. We are here because through our dedication and perseverance, we have outdone ourselves. The diploma that we have received is an attestation of our resolve to obtain quality education.
Rest assured that Haigazian University has equipped us with excellent knowledge and skills needed for us to prosper wherever we may land. Through its liberal arts mission, we have had the privilege of gaining a widened perspective of not only our own fields, but of various arts and sciences. Through its guiding values of Truth, Freedom, and Service, we have indeed become well-rounded people. However, let us acknowledge that Haigazian has also shaped us into exemplars ready to give to others. My fellow colleagues, understand that as graduates of this institution, we have touched the lives of those around us again and again. For starters, we have made our family very proud this evening. We have forged good relationships with our professors and have inspired them to continue educating generations. In our internships, we have impressed others though our integrity and diligence. Through philanthropy and community service, we have launched charity campaigns, renovated homes, and given hope to those have needed it the most. Through the Orientation Program, which I am proud to have been a part of, we have collaborated together to guide many new students at our university, students who will one day sit where we are seated today, and will look back as I do. Through great teamwork and sportsmanship, we have managed to secure sweet victories in various games, both in Lebanon and abroad. In short, we have epitomized the model character of a Haigazian University learner. Therefore, let us not only celebrate our academic milestone, but also, the idea that we are beacons of hope and catalysts of change in society.
Fellow graduates, when we venture out after this evening, let us take all that we have been taught and bravely embark on a journey in which we seek out success and bring positive change. There is no doubt that the future holds a great many uncertainties, and the path will be riddled with obstacles, with adversity a likely companion. But were there not obstacles throughout out years at Haigazian? And are we not here this grand evening, having received the recognition for all our hard work? One advice I have for all of us is to never stop. In the words of Winston Churchill, “never give in—never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” Colleagues, we must let good sense, which is enshrined in Truth and in Freedom and in Service, lead us to rise to new heights and to raise others with us. On behalf of the Class of 2018, I want to extend my gratitude to our families, whose enduring love and support kept us determined all the way. I also want to thank all our professors for their commitment in imparting valuable education, and I want to thank our university for giving us an opportunity of a lifetime.

Class of 2018, congratulations!

And, congratulations, all you wonderful people.

Thank you.

Hagop Karamian (May, 2018)

كلمة التَخرج
أيها الحفل الكريم… أهلا وسهلا بكم
مسيرتُنا قاربت على الإنتهاء، فيسِّرُنا نحنُ خريجي وخريجاتِ هذا العام أن نقِفَ بينَ أيديكم الليلةَ، ونحنُ على أبوابِ التَخرجِ وحصادِ ثمارِ أربعِ سنواتٍ مضَت من الجِّدِ والإجتهادِ، محمَّلةً بذكرياتٍ ستبقى عالقةً في قلوبِ الجميعِ.
كُنّا ولا زلنا أسرةً واحدةً نستظّلُ بظلالِ العلمِ، نفترِشُ الأخوةَ بِساطاً، نكافحُ من أجلِ رِفعةِ هذا الصَّرحِ العلميِّ الشامخِ صَرحِ جامعةَ هايغازيان.
تعلمّنا منها المحبةَ والتعاون، والعملَ الجماعيَّ، والإلفةَ والمودَّةَ، والنظامَ والتنظيم، وتَحملَ المسؤوليةَ والصدقَ في أداءِ واجباتِنا على أكملِ وجهٍ.
وفي هذا المقامِ لا يسَعنا إلاّ أن نرفَعَ القبعاتِ لأؤلئك الذين منحونا العلمَ والثقةَ والبناء.
فمهما تَقدَّمنا وفُتِحتْ أمامَنا الطرقُ ووصلنا لكلِّ ما نحلمُ به، علينا أن نتذكَّرَ مَن كانوا سببَ نجاحِنا، ومَن ساندَنا وأمسَكَ بيدِنا للإستمرارِ ووجودُهم حَفَّزَنا وشجَّعنا.
فلكُمْ منّا أستاتذتُنا كلُّ الحبِّ والشكرِ والإمتنانِ لِما بذلتموه مَعَنا من جُهدٍ طيلةَ هذه السنواتِ، ولِما زرعتُموه فينا من علمٍ وأدبٍ ورغبةٍ صادقةٍ في البحثِ والعمل.
الشكرُ والتَقديرُ لعمادةِ شؤونِ الطلبة على قيامِها بدورِها الكبير واهتمامِها المتواصلِ بالطالبِ واعتبارِهِ محورَ العمليةِ التعليميةِ والتربويةِ، ورعايتِها المتكامِلة وتَقديمها كلَّ ما يحتاجُه من خدمات.
ولن ننسى أن نقدّمَ الشكر الكبير إلى أهالي الخريجين والخريجات لأنهم بذلو الغالي والنفيسَ لوصولِنا إلى هذه المرحلة.
وأخيراً زميلاتي وزملائي الخريجون، ها نحن اليومَ نبدأ حياةً جديدةً وكلُّنا أملٌ أنْ نبنيَ ونعمّرَ، أن نصلحَ ونفكّرَ لنسعَ إلى البناءِ والعملِ، ولا تنسوا نصيبَ هذا الوطنِ وأهلِهِ من جهدِكُم. فهم بأمسِّ الحاجةِ إلى الأيدي المتعلمةِ العاملةِ، والمثقفةِ والخبيرةِ.

سوزانا سعد الدين (أيار،٢٠١٨)

Ladies and gentlemen,
Family and friends,
Staff, professors, administration, and our esteemed guests,
And of course, my fellow graduates,

I debated a lot if I should actually start my speech like that or not, because at the end of the day, I am an English major, and I should be a little creative. But the question is if I broke such a tradition, does that mean that I am actually being creative?
I think one of the most important things that Haigazian University has taught me, or actually has taught us, is that each one of us should strive to be different, to be creative, to be unique, but not at the expense of our traditions, our values, and our culture. Because without the values that we lived by at Haigazian, like Truth, Service, and Freedom, I assure you, we are nothing.
Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you all here tonight on this very special evening, where 137 unique individuals, 137 pioneers, spread their wings and are ready to fly and integrate themselves in society.
I have no doubt that each and every one of these graduates is going to have a great influence on the surrounding that they involve themselves in, because we have all been prepared to be the leaders and innovators that society needs. We have all become well-rounded, cultured and knowledgeable individuals, because of all stimulating courses that were offered to us here. We were all presented with the opportunity of truly fulfilling our dreams, because Haigazian has paved a distinct path that allows each one of us to achieve their role in society. We have also acquired different skills and developed different qualities by participating and being active in all the different clubs and societies that were organized throughout the years. With all these tools that Haigazian has offered, we were shaped in a way that allows to face all the obstacles that the future holds for us, and more importantly we were prepared to give back to society and be the true service providers, in the light of truth and freedom.
My fellow graduates, class of 2017, we have finally done it. We have completed our 3, 4, or maybe even 5 years here at Haigazian, studying hard to reach this exact place.
Even after procrastinating with almost all our assignments, studying for our finals just the night before. and staying sane after all the times that classroom management froze or the portal stopped working right after the registration period had started, we have all managed to be seated here tonight. Who would have thought we would graduate before turning 32?
I have to also lend out a special thanks to many people who without them, I am sure none of us would have been here tonight. First and foremost, I think all of my fellow graduates can agree with me that our parents and family deserve a big thanks for all of their constant love, support, and encouragement. Also, we couldn’t have been here without the great support of all of our teachers and professors, who despite the hard times that I’m sure all of us have given them, they were still there to support us and to educate such a wonderful bunch.
You see, one of the most beautiful things about this place is that we are not merely students. That might be the way we enter, but surely not the way we leave; because at Haigazian we graduate as members of a closely knit family, one that I am proud to be part of. And I am sure that all of us leaving here tonight with friendships that would last us a lifetime.
My fellow graduates, I leave you with these words: Be the ambassadors of Haigazian, leave your mark wherever life takes you, and always remember that you are the beam of hope that will light the paths of generations to come.
With all that being said, class of 2017,
Congratulations, Mabrouk, yev Shenorhavor ella (I hope I said that right).
Thank you everyone!

Rabih Riman

خطاب حفل التخرج 2017 – جامعة هايكزيان

 ايها الحفل الكريم،
انه لشرف عظيم ان اقف امامكم بالنيابة عن زملائي لاشارككم في يوم حصاد و تتويج للجهد الدائم و المتواصل بذلناه على إمتداد حياتنا الدراسية و حققنا من خلالها كل متطلبات النجاح في جامعتنا العزيزة هايكزيان – التي كانت و لا تزال بيئة و رسالة و حصن للحرية الفكرية و الكرامة الإنسانية
حضور الاعزاء،
قبل ان نفترق و نتوادع لا بد من وقفة قصيرة و لا بد من كلمة وجيزة. حياتنا محطات و في كل محطة صعوبات و تحديات، ذكريات و انجزات، اناس ساعدونا و اناس علمونا… افلا تستحق محطتنا هذه ات تقف قليلا قبل وداعها؟
لا زلت اتذكر اول محاضرة لي في هذه الجامعة عندما سألنا الدكتور عصراوي “لماذا انتم هنا؟ و لماذا إخترتم التخصص في التجارة و الاقتصاد؟” – فساد صمت تخللته نظرات  باحثة عن إجابة جائت منه … “انا اعرف! انتم هنا لتنالوا شهادة تمنحكم فرصة لتحققوا احلامكم بمستقبل افضل. و لكن الرغبة ليست كافية دون الشغف. فبدأت البحث عن شغفي بنفسي من خلال المثابرة و الإجتهاد و الطموح. لم يكن ذللك ليتحقق دون العناية الإلاهية و الدعم المادي و المعنوي الذي امننوه لي اهلي و        داعمي   Future Armenian Leadership Fund و مساندة اساتذتي و اصدقائي المحبين. لذلك اود التقديم جزيل الشكر لهم فردا فردا.
زملائي و زميلاتي,
عندما كان اليوم الأول الكل شكى من بعد المسافة و طول الطريق. و عندما بدأت تمضي الايام، شكونا جهدا و تعبا… سهرنا ليالي طوال… حرمنا انفسنا الكثير.. وقعنا تحت ضغط و مجهود… و لكن اليوم يوم التخرج الاسعد بين تلك الايام و نقطة إنطلاق نحو آفاقها العريضة. اود ان اشكر بالنيابة عن متخرجين 2017 اهالينا و اساتذنا و للجميع الذين امنوا بقدراتنا ..
اريد ان اختم خطابي بمقولة جورج برنارد شو “هناك اناس يصنعون الاحداث و هناك اناس يتأثرون بما حدث و هناك اناس لا يدرون ماذا حدث”… رفاقي المحبين معا لصنع الاحداث و الانجازات و التغيرات في سبيل رفع اسم هايكازيان و تقدم بلدنا العزيز لبنان
عشتم و عاش لبنان

انجي كيراجيان