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Student Testimonials

Noura Katerji (BA, Early Childhood Education ~ Class of 2017)

My name is Noura, and I am honored to be a Haigazian Alumna. I graduated in 2017 with an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education, and following tradition, secured a job at the school where I had received my teacher training.
Throughout that year I kept on remembering my professors’ advice to think outside the box. I began searching online, for a teaching position in a school abroad. 3 years have passed, and I am now teaching at the Khartoum International Community School (KICS), and yes, in Sudan!
I had debated whether to work in conventional countries where most Lebanese go to work, such as Dubai, Kuwait, Canada, etc. But my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about the African experience that I admire!
Following a successful interview with KICS, I arrived in Sudan, lacking the skills of driving, shopping, cooking, and even doing laundry. Yet again I remembered how my professors stressed the importance of developing critical thinkers and flexible learners that could face any obstacles outside our realm.
The majority of my colleagues are above the age of 40, most of them with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. I wondered how I would be able to keep up with them, yet they are amazed with the information and knowledge I have in my field, to the extent that they approach me in order to gain more knowledge about the theory and philosophy behind education in the Early Childhood Years. Being the youngest amongst my colleagues is also an opportunity for me to learn from their experiences.
The reason for my sharing this information with you is because I want you to remember the reason why you chose Haigazian. It is a place that will make you grow in the field that you love and will open you to the world. This has been my own experience. I am fortunate to have been accepted and nurtured at this university!
Step out of your comfort zone and go forward in life!

Thank you Haigazian!


Rayan Belally (BA, Psychology ~ Class of 2020)


Enrolling at Haigazian was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The quality education I received along with the professionalism I experienced were beyond expectations. My years at Haigazian proved that a great balance between diversity, love, and hard work produce success. The Student Life Office not only boosted my social life but also got me out of my comfort zone through club projects. The unique approach of every single event was always under the title of “Pour Love into Everything you do”. At The Students Life, I made friends in no time and participated into workshops that helped me go on board to the expedition of self-development and quest. Haigazian also provides quality education as my postgraduate experience has been recognized nationally and internationally. The instructors focus on bringing knowledge to the students and are always up to date. Aids such The Writing Center supported me academically especially through the pandemic and set high standards for my papers. The Sports Department on the other hand, has also allowed me to spread my passion of running to others and helped me create a running team. My sportsmanship spirit was endorsed and shaped through The Sports department. Indeed, Haigazian has given me a unique environment thanks to its unique president, a hard working leader with a lot of ambition, manners, perseverance, and love. Haigazian, I love you always. Always have; always will.

Mohamad Hachem (BS, Computer Science ~ Class of 2020)


If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, then Haigazian is definitely the right place for you. After enrolling in Haigazian University, my life started to change dramatically. On the academic level, Haigazian’s instructors are mainly concerned about the development of their students which makes the learning process interesting and motivating. Unlike at other universities, the relationship between instructors and students is very friendly, yet extremely professional. Moreover, the classrooms are built in such a unique way that always prioritize the students’ educational experiences.  On the student life level, Haigazian is, without a doubt, the best place to have an exceptional experience. The small and cozy campus makes meeting new people easier than you can imagine; therefore, you will make friends in no time. In addition to that, the Student Life office and the variety of clubs it provides will ensure you embark on your journey to self-development and discovery. On a personal level, because of my experience with the Student Life in Haigazian, I developed useful skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and many more. When you enroll in Haigazian, you become a part of a strong community that you will grow with and love long after graduating.

Natalie Takadjian (BA, Economics ~ Class of 2020)


You can tell how good a university is by listening to the testimonies of its graduates, so here is a brief reflection of mine. After four years of studying at Haigazian University, I can surely say that I have established a solid base to build myself and my bright future. Besides acquiring my BA in Economics, I have gained life experiences that have prepared me to face the real world. Above all, I have gotten more attached to Haigazian after discovering that its values, TRUTH, FREEDOM, & SERVICE, meet my own. In fact, these three keywords will guide every student’s journey at Haigazian and even beyond. Haigazian is a safe haven; a small yet cozy place filled with kind, supportive, and loving people. If you are a Haigazian graduate, you will surely agree with the aforementioned, and if you’re planning to become one, you’ll discover it along your way. In Haigazian, you can find diversity, culture, and ethics; you can also find passionate people and supportive and caring instructors; and most importantly, you find the best president any university can dream of. I am blessed that my path drove me towards Haigazian and made me a part of this beloved family. I remain forever grateful for all that I’ve gained and experienced at Haigazian.

Manar Hamoud (BS, Medical Laboratory Sciences ~ Class of 2016)


The years I spent at Haigazian were definitely the best of my life. I chose to do my undergraduate education at Haigazian University because it is one of the oldest and most reputable universities in Lebanon. On the academic level, Haigazian has the best professors. At Haigazian, they give their best to provide better education, and they always motivate their students and help them understand the market before graduating so they will be ready to face the market’s challenges after graduation. On the personal level, my engagement in Student Life activities at HU helped me develop my skills, adapt to pressure, discover my abilities, and understand the true meaning of leadership and the importance of team work. The experience I gained helped me grow and overcome many challenges and difficulties. Also, being part of Haigazian’s dormitory made this university become literally my home and my family. My experience at HU cannot be forgotten, the great people I met, the best friends I made, every moment is unforgettable.