Haigazian University


Direct Your Gift

It’ll need a descriptor for each fund. Many have an area in the website for more information (ie. Armenian Diaspora Research Center) to link to, as long as there is a link at the other end to easily get back to give to that area or the Ways to Give page by Give Now button at bottom of that area’s page.

Below is a list of funds if you wish to direct your giving to help Haigazian accomplish a specific purpose with your generous gift:


Allow the University to use the gift as it sees fit for the current needs


President’s Scholarship Fund

Future Armenian Leadership Fund

Syrian Students Aid Fund

Misc. Academic/Sports Scholarships

Long-Range Funds

Endowment Funds

Building Fund

Misc. & Equipment Funds

Academic Funds

School of Business & Economics

School of Arts & Sciences

Armenian Diaspora Research Center


Center for Continuing Education

Social Activities

Spiritual Life

Student Life

Alumni Association