Haigazian University


ITS Help Desk

The ITS Help Desk is available to everyone approved to use media, and computing equipment and services at Haigazian University and is the first port of call for any technical queries about the various services we operate. The service is used by students, faculty, and staff.

Hours are Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00. Queries may also be made by electronic mail (Helpdesk@haigazian.edu.lb), by internal telephone (ext. 328), or in person to the ITS Department.

The Help Desk concentrates primarily on supporting computing hardware, software, and related computing services.The Help Desk records requests for assistance and dispatches the appropriate staff to solve the issues. Requests are prioritized thus ensuring a qualified staff member will respond to needs for assistance at the earliest possible time.issues and requests, and to dispatch them the appropriate ITS staff. Depending on the urgency of your issue or request, we will prioritize and ensure that a qualified staff will respond to your needs as soon as possible.

The Role of the Help Desk

One of the goals of the ITS Department is to help members of Haigazian University to be more productive through the use of the services it provides. Technology’s effectiveness is mitigated if users lack the proper assistance to perform their tasks. In return, the University has the opportunity to gain valuable feedback about the way services are used and what the real requirements are. The ITS Help Desk is set up to handle users’ initial calls for assistance, with the following goals in mind:

  1. To provide a central focus for users to obtain technical assistance
  2. To offer prompt and efficient assistance, with the aim of answering as many routine questions as quickly as possible.
  3. If the call is not resolved at the Help Desk, to refer it to an appropriate specialist.
  4. To provide feedback within Haigazian about common problems encountered by users, which might indicate the need for further training, documentation or a change in what is provided.
  5. To record the details of a call and any initial advice given so that we can refer to statistics and case histories if required.

When to call the ITS Help Desk?

  1. When your PC or printer is not functioning properly or needs repair
  2. When your e-mail, Internet connection, or network access is not functioning well or needs repair
  3. When the software you’re using is not functioning well or you need additional training
  4. When you need to request new IT hardware or software (this requires your Dean’s approval, and therefore must be accompanied by an approved e-mail from your Dean)
  5. When the media or equipment in classrooms or computer labs is not functioning well or needs repair
    When you need conference room support for upcoming presentations or seminars.

Help Desk Operation

If the inquiry is not urgent, we suggest that a description of the problem is emailed along with other relevant information (such as hardware and software details) to Helpdesk@haigazian.edu.lb.

ITS Department staff, work closely with the Help Desk in order to deliver an efficient professional front-line support service for the University. In an effort to help people to find their own solutions to their problems, the Help Desk will also in the near future produce a number of documents and other sources of information such as User Guides, Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s and leaflets.