Haigazian University


How to Apply

Application Procedure

All applicants must submit a formal application online, and present the required documents either online or at the Admissions Office. All application materials are processed by the Admissions Office and forwarded to the departments concerned for evaluation and decision regarding admission. Only candidates who have presented their complete records and have fulfilled the requirements set out below are considered for Admission:

  1. A photocopy of the identity card or passport.
  2. One recent passport-size picture.
  3. A certified copy of the secondary school certificate.
  4. An authenticated photocopy of the undergraduate degree and the accreditation of the degree by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education as equivalent to the Lebanese Licence.
  5. Official transcripts of all university work.
  6. Letters of recommendation from three people who know the applicant academically and/or professionally.
  7. Application fee (non-refundable).

Admission Policy

In order to pursue a graduate degree, students must be formally admitted by the appropriate graduate department. Each graduate program has specific admission requirements, which are set by the academic department, and mentioned below:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution of higher learning.
  2. A cumulative average of 80 or higher at the undergraduate level in the courses of the same major that will be pursued in the Master’s Program.
  3. A minimum score of 550 in the institutional TOEFL or its equivalent and the GMAT for the MBA Program. 
  4. A minimum score of 600 in the institutional TOEFL or its equivalent and the GRE for the MA Program.

Departmental Action

Each applicant’s documents are carefully reviewed by the Graduate Committee. Admission decisions are made within the guidelines of the graduate admissions policy and based upon the applicant’s qualifications and potential for success in a graduate program. The Graduate Committee may take any one of the following actions:

  1. Grant admission to applicants who satisfy all requirements.
  2. Grant provisional admission to applicants who show academic and professional promise but do not meet all of the University or departmental requirements for admission. These applicants must meet the stipulations of the department or admission will be denied.
  3. Deny admission because documents appear to indicate that the applicant would be unsuccessful in the graduate program.