Haigazian University


Policies and Regulations

A dormitory induction is held at the beginning of each academic year to describe the dormitory life, rules and regulations, and facilities and services offered. During the induction day, residents meet other new residents, they are also given the opportunity to ask questions and talk to current or previous residents of the dormitory. 
The head resident maintains an open door policy whereby residents can report issues at any time. The role of the head resident is to resolve issues as they occur and maintains a continuous communication flow. A meeting is held bi-weekly during which the head resident discusses the main issues or concerns if any, makes announcements for events or regulations and assigns a student monitor for each of the three floors. The student monitor is in charge of maintaining the order in their floor, spreading announcements and reporting to the head resident.

General Rules

  1. Residents have a curfew at  12:00 am on Friday and Saturday night.
  2. Loitering near the residence areas after midnight is not allowed so as not to disturb the neighbors.
  3. Students who stay for less than two nights per week for two consecutive weeks in a semester will risk losing their places starting the following semester if there is a need from non-dormitory scholarship recipients.
  4. The attendance of the periodic meeting is crucial. Students cannot miss more than two meetings per semester.
  5. Any resident who leave the dormitory or get expelled during a given semester should pursue dormitory fees payment until the end of that semester.

Rules Related to Guests

  1. The Dormitory is open to guests between 7:00 am until 11:00pm or 12:00 am (according to the curfew). Visitors are not allowed in the residents’ floors and rooms except the mother and sisters of the female residents and father and brother of male residents. Visitors from both sexes are allowed only in the lounges .Please note that all guests must leave the residence before the curfew.
  2. Resident hosts are expected to be present with their guests at all times. Allowing a person entrance into a building and leaving them unattended is prohibited. Residents are fully responsible for the conduct of their guests and for informing their guests of University rules and Dormitory regulations pertaining to conduct within the facilities.
  3. Overnight guests are not allowed.
  4. All residents and guests are expected to be considerate of noise levels, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Noise (including but not limited to voices, amplified music, televisions, musical instruments, radios) must be maintained at a level which does not disturb any other resident at all times. Residents are expected to comply with the requests of others to reduce noise levels at all times.
  5. During the final examination period, quiet hours must be observed 24/7. Courtesy hours are always in force.

Rules Related to Facilities

  1. The Dormitory is equipped with a number of washing machines. Residents take turns using them. Proper handling of the machines ensures the continuity of this service.
  2. Furniture (including mattresses) may not be removed from student rooms of original assignment in the facilities without proper authorization from the Head Resident.
  3. Do not use tack or adhesive tape that may ruin the painted and wooden surfaces. Damages to furniture or fixtures will be charged to you. 
  4. The Dormitory is your home away from home. Please take good care of it and keep it clean. Garbage should be disposed of properly and dirty dishes should not be left unwashed. The common areas should be maintained clean and tidy at all times.

Rules Related to Security

  1. Money and valuables should never be left in rooms unlocked. The University is not responsible for the disappearance (theft or otherwise) of the personal belongings of the residents. The University is not responsible for any loss or damage to guest’s property howsoever incurred.
  2. Room doors must be closed and locked when:
    • The room is unoccupied 
    • No resident of that room is in the immediate vicinity
    • When occupants are sleeping
  3. Irresponsible behavior such as attempting to enter your room through the building external edges is absolutely forbidden and would result in severe disciplinary measures. The Head Resident is provided with keys to help you get inside your room when you are locked out.

 Rules Related to Behavior

  1. All residents are expected to maintain ordinary rules of civility and good behavior. The resident agrees to abide by the rules specified in this document, as well as standards of civility and good behavior, and all other rules and policies as mentioned in the University Catalogue at the time of occupancy. 
  2. Any form of violence harassment or behavior that endangers self or others is strictly forbidden.
  3. Acts of vandalism and throwing any item from windows or balconies are prohibited and would result in severe disciplinary measures. 
  4. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed or stored in the dormitory.
  5. Under the Smoke-Free Air Act, smoking is banned on the entire Haigazian University campus including its dormitory. The use of smoking or smokeless tobacco products is prohibited in dormitory student rooms and in common areas.
  6. I will use the dormitory for residence purposes only, and refrain from all other activity, including political, and business. 
  7. In all discussion, I will communicate with respect and spirit of understanding especially regarding divisive issues. 
  8. Decent behavior is expected at all places at the dormitory. Public display of intimate relationship should be avoided.

 Rules Related to Keys

  1. Room keys in the dorms are given to students during the period of their stay. Responsibility for these keys during this period is solely with the student. All keys must be returned to the Head Resident by the student once the term of his/her stay has ended.
  2. Loss or failure to return keys upon checkout involves a fine to the student of LL 30,000.
  3. Duplication of dorm keys must be authorized by the USP Office. Unauthorized duplication of any university key is strictly forbidden and will result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the University.

Residents violating the above mentioned rules will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Failure to comply with the rules above will result in disciplinary action ranging from warning to dismissal from the dormitory.