Haigazian University



The Haigazian University Campus consists of six owned buildings:
Mehagian(Academic), Mugar(Administration and Libraries), Aharonian Building (Academic and Administration), Philibosian (Student Life and Administration), College (Leased and Academic), Heritage (Administration and Academic).

The net total space is approximately 6475 m2, of which 1,952 m2 is in direct support of the academic programs, such as classrooms, multimedia rooms and various computer and science labs, two libraries and 1,096 m2 that support 56 offices.  Additional space includes warehouses, cafeterias, lounges and other miscellaneous activity halls.

The University has over 28 classrooms and 4 computer labs, with an average seating capacity of 25 students per each class.  Additionally, HU has one Physics lab, one Chemistry lab, and another Biology lab.  All the labs are equipped with modern and up-to-date technology. Besides the multimedia rooms, students also have access to televisions, DVDs, and a video set on the second and third floors of the Philibossian Student Center and stereos on the last three floors. The main purpose of these is to keep students updated on local and international events and to provide leisure and entertainment time.