Haigazian University


Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Haigazian University aspires to be the institution of choice for students of diverse backgrounds seeking a personalized, quality academic experience that prepares them to serve in their respective communities and society at large.

Our Mission

Inspired by the Armenian Evangelical heritage and following the American liberal arts educational model Haigazian University’s mission is to promote academic excellence.

Academic Excellence


  • The University promotes academic excellence and prepares its graduates to face 21st century challenges in a global context.
  • The University provides quality, personalized education for undergraduate and graduate students. The curriculum incorporates critical thinking as well as knowledge and skills in the use of information technology, encouraging research and life-long learning.

Values, Ethics & Leadership


  • The University creates an environment of trust, respect, and non-discrimination. It encourages cultural and religious diversity and promotes respect for the individual. Personal integrity and ethical conduct are integral values in all domains of its endeavors.
  • Haigazian University emphasizes leadership development to its students in their fields, and in the broader communities that they serve.

Heritage and Tradition


As a Lebanese institution, University’s mission is informed by a variety of enriching traditions. With its roots in the Armenian Evangelical heritage, which promotes a harmony of faith and learning, and its Armenian Diaspora experience, which testifies to resilience and progress, the University strives to disseminate and promote knowledge about Armenian civilization and heritage.

The life of the University reflects the rich, cosmopolitan, and pluralistic society of Lebanon. It promotes dialogue, harmony, and integration among all sectors of the Lebanese community.