Haigazian University


Why Choose HU

  • Haigazian University is a top-quality university where the potential of every student is nurtured.
  • With a number of graduates exceeding the 4500, Haigazian University holds a track record of 67 years that you can rely on.
  • Haigazian University tuition fees are affordable to the middle and lower-middle income class.
  • Haigazian University provides undergraduate and graduate students an attractive need based financial aid support.
  • Haigazian University prepares its students for today’s and tomorrow’s job market in the region and abroad.
  • Haigazian University is small enough to allow for the enjoyment of a strong sense of community among the students, staff and faculty, and large enough to provide its students a well-rounded American style education.
  • Haigazian University is a multi-ethnic compact campus where intercultural exchange is encouraged and celebrated.
  • Haigazian University prides itself on its strong support network for students.
  • Haigazian University is conveniently located near the Central District of Beirut and a short walking distance to the Hamra district and the Corniche on the Mediterranean.