Haigazian University



(Founded 2002)

Description: The Club re-presents martial arts at HU.

To enhance self-defense, self-confidence and discipline, to partic­ipate in local and interna­tional tournaments and obtain commendable results, to orga­nize workshops, and to establish contacts with other teams.

 The Team practices twice a week in the Roof Sports Hall of the Philibossian Student Center. A member can miss a maximum of 2 practices/month.

Past Achievements: Being the first and only university team registered since 2002 in the Lebanese Federation of Kickbox­ing Savate (LFKS), the Team has achieved commendable re­sults in the Lebanese, Nsouli and Hariri championships since 2003. In 2011 the team achieved first place in the sixteenth Adel Nsouli Cup. In 2012, it achieved second place in the Lebanese Cup. In 2014, the team achieved first place in the nineteenth Adel Nsouli Cup in the women’s category. In 2015 & 2016, the team once again achieved first place in semi-con­tact in the FSUL championship.