Haigazian University


Table Tennis

Description: The players represent table tennis at Haigazian University. The Team participates in local and inter-university tournaments, leagues and championships.

Objectives: To promote table tennis at HU, organize inter-university and high school tournaments, participate in local and international tournaments, enhance the members’ physical and technical capabilities, obtain commendable results, establish contacts with other university teams, and to organize group outings as a means of socializing.

Guidelines: The Team practices three times a week in the Roof Sports Hall, where they learn new strategies, serves, spins and blocks. A player can miss a maximum of 2 practices/month.

Past Achievements: In 2012 the Team organized its fifth annual inter-university Table Tennis tournament and third annual high school tournament. It played and won a number of competitive yet friendly games and matches and participated in interuniversity tournaments, achieving commendable results. The team also participated in the first edition of the “8 UniLeague Table-Tennis” tournament and took an honorable third place.