Haigazian University


Men’s & Women’s Futsal Teams

Description: The players represent football at Haigazian University. The Teams participate in local and inter-university tournaments, leagues and championships.

Objectives: To promote football at HU, to organize friendly games, to participate in local and international  tournaments, to enhance the players’ physical capabilities, to obtain commendable results in inter-university tournaments and leagues, to establish contacts with other university teams, and to organize group outings as a means of socializing.

Guidelines: Each Team practices twice a week, plays friendly games every third practice session, and attends physical training sessions in the university’s Fitness Center. A player can miss a maximum of 2 practices/month. Students who play in other teams should not miss more than 50% of the practices.

Past Achievements: Lately the teams played friendly games and matches. They participated in Lebanese interuniversity tournaments. In 2010-2011, the Futsal team participated in the fourth inter-university “8 UniLeague Futsal” tournament and was crowned Champion. In 2011-2012, the Futsal team participated in the fifth edition of the “8 UniLeague” tournament and came in second. After achieving third place in Euroesade 2010 international tournament, the futsal team also participated in Barcelona’s Euroesade 2011 and achieved commendable results. In April 2012, the Futsal team travelled to Cyprus and played friendly matches against teams from the University of Nicosia and University of Cyprus.