Haigazian University



The Haigazian University Armenian Diaspora Research Center has been established to study diverse aspects of the Armenian Diaspora Communities in general and in the Middle East: their history, interaction with and integration into the hostland, as well as their interaction with the homeland and the Diaspora communities beyond the Middle East.

The Center functions under the supervision of a “Center Director” in collaboration with the University President’s Academic Cabinet and in cooperation with the Faculty and the Librarians.


The HU-ADRC aims:

  1. to enrich knowledge on Armenian Diaspora culture and populations past and present,
  2. to disseminate and promote awareness and academic knowledge about the Diaspora phenomenon and relevant issues of identity, integration and preservation,
  3. to conduct and publish primary research on the social, political, economic, cultural and athletic output and contribution of the Armenian communities to their hostlands,
  4. to collect, sort, digitize and analyze primary data,
  5. to encourage learners to write theses and dissertations on various Armenian Diaspora issues,
  6. to provide resources and consultation for researchers, community leaders, governments, agencies, NGOs, etc.,
  7. to work with other local and international research centers,
  8. to save and protect the Armenian Diaspora Cultural heritage.