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Digitizing and Archiving

The project is a farfetched ambitious plan of digitizing all the Lebanese Armenian newspapers, weeklies, magazines and periodicals. Work has started in this regard.-

a) Digitizing the Yeridasart Hay bi-weekly (Dec. 1969-March 1975).
The magazine was a forerunner of democratic thought in the Lebanese Armenian community. It spearheaded innovative thinking and challenged the conventional, conservative mindset and the taboos of the community. Among its editorial board were father Antranig Granian, Oshin Kerkiasharian, Hovsep Melkonian, Lutfig Tabakian, Jirayr Tanielian, Bedros Terzian.
The magazine counts 101 issues, a total of around 4100 pages.
Envisaged date of ending the project: Mid-January 2013.

b) Digitizing the Razmig Monthly (May 1983—).
The magazine is the mouthpiece of the ARF Youth Union of Lebanon. It started as a monthly. Later on it was published bi-monthly and as a quarterly, stopped for a while. Currently it is published periodically.
Its first editorial board was comprised of Sosi Arakelian, Lucin Jamgotchian, Vera Gosdanian, Hratch Ghazarian, Paren Hovsepian and Daron Der Khatchadourian.
The magazine is still being published. So far it has published over 65 issues, a total of around 3000 pages.
Envisaged date of ending the project: Mid-January 2013.

c) Digitizing the Haigazian Armenological Review (1970-2012), 32 volumes.
The Haigazian Armenological Review is a yearly publication. It started in 1970 and has since provided the invaluable service of offering an annual forum for Armenologists from around the world. HAR is a bridge between Armenologists in Armenia and abroad. Its aim includes the promotion of original and unpublished research and scientific work in linguistics, literature, bibliography, history, culture, arts, medieval studies, Christianity and international relations. Its international contributors hail from France, UK, North and South America, Armenia and the Middle East and have included numerous important academics in the field. HAR is a multilingual publication which allows its authors to publish in one of four languages (Armenian, English, French and Arabic).
Dr. Yervant Kasouny edited the first nine issues of the HAR. It was published intermittently during the Lebanese Civil war.
In 1990 a new editorial board was formed and ever since HAR is published without interruption on a yearly basis. Its current editorial board is comprised of Fr. Antranig Granian (edirtor-in-chief), Dr. Arda Ekmekji (ex-officio), Dr. Arshalouyse Topalian, Dr. Armen Urneshlian and Dr. Antranik Dakessian (executive secretary). The HAR advisory board is comprised of Dr. Sylvie Adjemian, Dr. Seta Dadoyan, Dr. Hranush Kharatian, Dr. Susan Pattie, Mr. Megerditch Bouldoukian, Dr. Hratch Chilingirian, Mr. Berdj Fazlian, Dr. Murad Hasratian, Mr. Jirayr Tanielian and Dr. Yervant Yerganian.
So far 32 volumes of the Haigazian Armenological Review are published a total of around 14,500 pages.
A bibliography of the first 30 volumes of the HAReview is available on the Haigazian University website.
Envisaged date of ending the project: March 2013.

Work in Process:
Work has started on digitizing the.-
Ararad Daily newspaper (Nov. 1937-),
Yeridasart Hayuhi
Nor Gyank