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Student Life Publications

Haigazian Herald

The Herald, HU’s student produced magazine, publishes articles by students, faculty, staff, as well as other members of the HU community.

The topics included cover a broad range of topics related to HU, as well as general and global issues, and creative writing and poetry. Due to increasing demand by community members, and especially overseas alums, issues of the Herald are now available online. Simply click on the issue you want, and you will have a PDF version of it.

Student Handbook

Student Life issues the Student Handbook. It is a handy guideline for academic and administrative info, including the academic calendar, student services and facilities, rules and regulations, student behavior and conduct matters as well as details of the usage of the libraries, and the labs. It has a detailed section on financial aid too.

The Student Handbook includes a brief description of the history, scope and objectives and achievements as well as the structure of the University’s Clubs, Societies and Teams, and their (membership) terms. It highlights the setup of Student Life and student governance at Haigazian University, the Student Life Committee and the Student Life Board.

To make it more user friendly and practical, Student Life has included a diary for notes and a number of pictures of various co-curricular activities.


Description: This team of students is in charge of publishing the University yearbook, Focus. In consultation with the SLO, the Club plans and produces the yearbook.

Objectives: To become the registry of the university by reflecting the University’s academic life and activities during the academic year, as well as relevant functions and events in collaboration with different departments and offices of the University. The project is under the supervision and coordination of the SLO.

Guidelines: Early in the second semester, students are assigned writing, layout, editing, designing, photo-selecting and typing tasks to produce the yearly edition of the yearbook.

Past achievements: The Club recently published the 45th volume of Focus.