Haigazian University


The Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee (SLC) is an advisory body of representatives of the Activity Clubs, Societies, and Sports Teams, the Campus Minister, the Student Life officers and the recorder (ex-officio). The SLC plans, coordinates, and supervises student activities. All student activities should be reported to this committee. No student activity takes place without the approval of the SLC.

– Coordinates forthcoming activities that are organized by the Clubs/Societies/Teams
– Discusses and assesses past and forthcoming student activities
–  Raises suggestions and concerns related to student well being,
– Organizes general, yearly activities.

The SLC, in accordance with University regulations, aims at:

  1. Enhancing Co-curricular activities.
  2. Fostering teamwork and consensus.
  3. Enriching students’ experience of co-operation and responsibility.
  4. Helping students enjoy a happy and fruitful university life.
  5. Channeling students’ interests and enthusiasm toward community service and self-growth.
  6. Safeguarding and enhancing the democratic, family atmosphere prevailing at HU, and promoting HU culture.
  7. Backing the launching of new activity clubs, societies and teams.
  8. Improving students’ social skills and managerial abilities.
  9. Fostering the development of students with strong character, personality, integrity and civic citizenship.