Haigazian University


Financial Aid FAQ’s

1. Who is eligible for undergraduate financial aid?


Any full-time student applying for admission is eligible. Priority is given to those with demonstrated need.

2. How and when to apply for financial aid?


Financial aid applications are available at the Admissions Office and on the web.
The application must be completed and submitted in person to the financial aid officer, along with the requested documents prior to the set deadlines.

3. How is financial need determined?


In determining financial need many factors are considered, such as: Family income and expenses, major, number of dependents, assets, interview result, etc.

4. How many students receive financial aid?  What is the range of grants?


During the past 3 years around 85% of financial aid applicants received grants. Financial aid grants may range from 10% to 50%. For some specific majors it may reach 60%, 70% or even 85%. For details click here.

5. What happens if I have an acceptance for a grant but do not attend?


The financial aid decision for a grant is valid for 2 semesters. However a financial aid reapplication form needs to be filled for the next semester of admission.

6. Can an application receive financial aid during the first semester of admission?


Yes. The applicant will be granted the decided financial aid upon enrollment to HU.

7. Can an applicant receive academic scholarship during the first semester of admission?


Yes, Merit Scholarships are granted to students with high academic achievement. (Conditions apply).

Also, academic scholarships are granted as of the second semester, upon consideration of the cumulative average of the previous semester to those eligible, as follows:
1. Dean’s Scholarships of 25% of the semester’s tuition are awarded to students who achieve a semester average of 85 or above.
2. President’s Scholarships of 30% of the semester’s tuition are awarded to students who achieve a semester average of 90 or above.

8. Can a student apply to other funds too?


Yes. A student may apply to other funds. However the total financial aid award should not exceed the student’s total financial obligations as determined by Haigazian University.

9. Who is eligible for graduate financial aid?


Any full time graduate student may apply. The number of recipients is limited. Hence priority is given to those with demonstrated need.