Haigazian University


Sources of Funds

The University has enjoyed the benevolence of many friends who have established endowments or perpetual funds of various amounts and of organizations that have supported the Financial Aid Program through their grants. All funds are administered through the Financial Aid Committee of the University and the supporting organizations are kept informed of the recipients.

A. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Launched in the Academic Year 2007-2008, the fund was established to support the Financial Aid Program of the University and was concluded in Spring 2016.

B. Special Funds

  1. The Armenian Education Endowment Fund. Provides funds which come to the University through the United Church Board for World Ministries.
  2. The Telfeyan Evangelical Scholarship Fund. Provides funds through the United Church Board of World Ministries.
  3. The Jack Akulian Fund.
  4. The E.F. Albarian Fund.
  5. The Santoukht and Yeghia Bakamjian Scholarship Fund.
  6. The D. and R. Balikjian Scholarship Fund.
  7. The Hrant Christopher Bardouny Scholarship Fund.
  8. The George and Esther Barsoumian Memorial Fund.
  9. The Sarkis Boghossian Scholarship Fund.
  10. The Luther Bosnian Scholarship Fund.
  11. The Dadour Dadourian Scholarship Fund.
  12. The E.F. Gertmenian Scholarship Fund.
  13. The Barkevouhi Gureghian Scholarship Fund.
  14. The B. and Y. Hagopian Scholarship Fund.
  15. The S. B. and Louise Janjigian Scholarship Fund.
  16. The Martha Doodoo Jedidian Award.
  17. The Armen K. and Mary D. Kalinian Scholarship Fund.
  18. The Vartanoush and Garabed Karamanukian Scholarship Fund.
  19. The A. Odian Kasparian E.F. Scholarship Fund.
  20. The Dr. Mihran Kassabian Scholarship Fund.
  21. The Puzant Levonian Award.
  22. The Armen and Stephen Mangerian Scholarship Fund.
  23. The Markarian/Verkuyl Scholarship Fund.
  24. The John Markarian Fund of the Alumni Association.
  25. The John Markarian Fund of the Eastern Committee.
  26. The Edward and Helen Mardigian Fund.
  27. The Leon Mehagian Fund.
  28. The Stephen Philibosian Foundation Scholarship Fund.
  29. The John Salibian Fund.
  30. The E.F. Sanosian Fund.
  31. The Lucy Souremian Estate.
  32. The Rev. and Mrs. S.M. Rejebian Scholarship Fund.
  33. The Armen Topjian Scholarship Fund.
  34. The Daniel Wosgian Scholarship Fund.

C. Perpetual Funds

  1. The Vatche Barsoumian Scholarship Fund.
  2. The Haig Berberian Family Scholarship Fund.
  3. The Rev. Barkev & Armine Darakjian Scholarship for Ministerial or Christian
    Education students.
  4. The Flora Family Foundation Fund.
  5. The Dr. Puzant and Mrs. Beatrice Hadidian Scholarship Fund.
  6. The Virginia Harikian Scholarship Fund.
  7. The Samuel Hekemian Family Endowment Scholarship Fund.
  8. The Robert Hekemian Family Endowment Scholarship Fund.
  9. The Loutfic and Romilda Jivelekian Scholarship Fund.
  10. The Arousiag Joy Kassouny Scholarship Fund. The annual scholarship is to be
    given to an Arab student, preferably from Bedouin origin, in gratitude to Bedouins
    who shielded Joy from death.
  11. The Dr. Edward and Mrs. Grace Kavjian Scholarship Fund.
  12. The John and Pauline Khanjian Scolarship Fund.
  13. The Rendel and Evelyn Levonian Scholarship Fund.
  14. The Alex Manoogian Scholarship Fund.
  15. The Charlotte and Elise Merdian Scholarship Fund.
  16. The Digran and Flora Sarkissian Scholarship Fund.
  17. The Joseph H. Jr. and Joyce Stein Scholarship Fund.
  18. The Vergine Avedis Tchakejian Scholarship.
  19. The Garbis and Lucy Tutunjian Scholarship Fund.

D. Future Armenian Leadership Fund (FALF)

In November 2011 the Board of trustees of Haigazian University established the Future Armenian Leadership Fund (FALF) for academically excellent and financially challenged Armenian students. This fund enables the University to award 50% or 100% merit scholarship to eligible students throughout their academic journey at HU.