Haigazian University


Course Reserves

Reserve items are recommended by the faculty as supplementary material to textbooks. Reserve material are of two types:

  • Open Reserve: Can be checked out of the library from 4:00 pm till 8:30 am of the next working day. Not more than two items may be borrowed overnight or weekend by the same student.
  • Closed Reserve: Can be used only within the library for one hour, renewable as long as no one else has reserved them.

For Faculty

  1. Any item (book, periodical, homework solution…) may be placed on reserve.
  2. Faculty members must fill out a Reserve Item Request Form either through e- mail or manually and send/hand it to the assistant librarians.
  3. The requests need 5 days to be processed.
  4. The libraries will provide access to reserve materials for the duration of one semester.

For Students

  1. Students may borrow any reserve item for a period of one hour.
  2. An item can be renewed for consecutive periods as long as no one else has reserved it.
  3. Students must pay 50,000LL per hour for overdue material.
  4. Charging a reserve lost item falls under the general circulation lost items procedures.
  5. No student may reserve an item for two consecutive days as long as no one else has reserved it.