Haigazian University



Virtual Roundtables:  Each of the six virtual roundtables will be 90-minutes in length. Each will start with a 30-minute plenary session featuring a panel of U.S. and Lebanese leaders moderated by one of the project facilitators. Given that this project has a strong emphasis on collaboration and reciprocity, we cannot identify the specific panelists at this time, as that will be determined collaboratively by the project facilitators. The plenary session will be followed by a breakout session led by the moderators for small group discussion and planning related to the roundtable topic. The final 15 minutes of the roundtable will be a plenary session focused on identifying how participants plan to use the information shared in their own context.


Timeline Overview

October 11, 2023              Launch Event

November 8, 2023          Roundtable: The Value of Developing a Leadership Vision

January 17, 2024             Roundtable: Creating and Sharing Your Leadership Visions

March 27, 2024                Roundtable: Enhancing Communication Skills

May 8, 2024                       Roundtable: Building Relationships

September 11, 2024       Roundtable: Goal Setting

November 6, 2024          Roundtable: Developing an Action Plan to Create Innovative Change

May 7, 2025                       Closing Event

Representatives from the US Embassy, Beirut will be asked to participate in and make remarks on behalf of the Embassy at the virtual launch and closing. Additionally, representatives from the Embassy with expertise in organizational leadership may be asked to present and/or sit on a panel during virtual roundtables