Haigazian University



This project will include two women’s leadership symposiums to support mobilizing this initiative beyond the confines of the women’s leadership council. The symposiums will include three   tiers of participants on (1) professional development targeting council members, (2) professional development workshops for university faculty and staff delivered by council members and (3) a large-scale presentation on for undergraduate and graduate students, university faculty, and university staff.

Content of the professional development workshops and presentations will be guided by the priorities set by the council members. Council members will be surveyed on topics they want to explore further. Information and resource sharing experiences will be based on each unique country/campus characteristics and will be determined collectively with council members.

The two in-person symposiums will support the advancement of innovative methods to elevate the voice of women in leadership spaces by engaging a range of participants, including, undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members. Faculty, staff, and student participants for the final symposiums will be recruited via public announcement in the form of emails, newsletters, and social media posts. A digital RSVP system (e.g., Eventbrite) will be used. Participants in this portion of the project will be included on a first come first served basis.

Representatives from the US Embassy, Beirut will be invited to participate in professional development workshops and presentations during the two final symposiums.

Conference ASU

February 2025               Women’s Leadership Symposium

Conference HU

April 2025                       Women’s Leadership Symposium