Haigazian University


OR 099

OR 099 is a required online course; all new students are required to take this course during the first two weeks of their first semester in order to graduate from HU. During the Orientation Period, students will participate in asynchronous sessions on the following topics: (1) The Culture and Spirit (Ethos) of Haigazian University; (2) Registration and Academic Advising; (3) Learning Styles & Skills; (4) Research and Writing; (5) University Life and Personal Development; and (6) Information Technology (check below the description of each session). Besides, students will find out how to get involved in the non-academic side of University life, and will have a chance to discuss issues of common interest. Finally, OR 099 has a computer-based test administered on campus and the passing grade [P] on the test will appear on the student’s transcript. Thus, students’ participation in all OR 099 sessions during the Orientation Period is essential and mandatory.

The Culture and Spirit (Ethos) of Haigazian University

This session introduces students to the unique heritage and distinctive characteristics of Haigazian University. It presents the inspiration of the founders and the highlights of the University’s history. It also helps students interpret the text of the Alma Mater—Haigazian University’s anthem, and its melody. Finally, it also engages students in a conversation about the culture of the University and the way in which this culture is preserved and transmitted.

Registration and Academic Advising

This session introduces students to their rights and responsibilities at Haigazian University, as well as guides them to how to choose their majors and their courses. Academic Advising is an opportunity to exchange information designed to help students in the process of reaching their academic and career goals by setting a plan, understanding options, determining resources, and identifying alternatives.

Learning through Competencies

This session introduces students to the different teaching methods that are used by instructors in class and to the practical information related to good reading, listening, note-taking, and critical thinking skills that are essential for active learning and success. It shows students that success in their entire university experience depends primarily on the development of good study habits and the application of these habits to classes and to life in general.

Research and Writing

This session introduces students to writing a research paper: its different types and manuals. It introduces writing citations and references. It also helps them locate online databases and library catalog at Barsumian Library and Derian Library. This session helps students to avoid plagiarism that is unacceptable at the university.

University Life and Personal Development

This session deals with everyday life issues and concerns that new students often encounter during their first semester. It is somewhat an interactive session in which topics like the development of identity and the major cultural and social forces that impact one’s self-awareness are discussed. The concepts of diversity, tolerance of others, and openness to differences are stressed, and ways to foster one’s communication and conflict-resolution skills are highlighted.

Information Technology

This session enhances the technical ability of the new students through hands on training in the use of the University’s offered Computer Systems (HU Email, Classroom Management, EBSCO, and SIS Portal) and provides them with the main guidelines and user procedures for further use. It also introduces them to our various Computer Labs and their applied rules and regulations.