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OR099 Reference Manual

OR 099 Reference Manual is a general introduction to Haigazian University’s [HU] culture and rules. Designed as a guide and companion for learning, the OR 099 Manual helps new students, at the Freshman and Sophomore levels, bridge the gap between High School and University. Its six chapters, written by HU Faculty members, portray a concise picture of academic and non-academic university life. Although it is not a comprehensive study of all university aspects, it presents many guiding principles:
– Chapter One introduces the students to the Haigazian University culture;
– Chapter Two provides important guidance about the advising process;
– Chapters Three and Four assist the students to improve their study skills in learning on-campus and online;
– Chapter Five offers useful guidelines to enhance the technical ability of the students; and
– Chapter Six contains practical advice for better socialization.

HU’s new students are encouraged to read this document and familiarize themselves with its main themes and terminologies. Moreover, they can refer to it at any time even after completing all the OR 099 requirements.

OR Dialog Letter

The OR Dialog Letter aims to enable HU students to develop their abilities to think, research, study, and learn. Moreover, it encourages them to understand, respect, and tolerate diversity, and it guides them in managing their lives and time. Finally, the OR Dialog Letter addresses the students’ academic concerns, helps them adapt to the changes in both university and society, and leads them to achieve their academic expectations.

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