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Subject: Online Orientation Program for SP2022 New Students


Dear applicant,


The Orientation Program is designed to welcome, introduce, and help you make a smooth transition to all aspects of Haigazian University Life: academic, spiritual, and social.

The Orientation Office, in collaboration with various departments, has developed an efficient and friendly online orientation program which will familiarize you with basic information, guidance, and activities pertaining to both on-campus and online learning environments.

You need to register for your courses, including the Orientation Course (OR099), in order to be able to access Moodle—HU Learning Platform. You are required to take this orientation course during the first three weeks of your first semester in order to graduate from HU.

OR099 consists of various asynchronous and synchronous sessions. An asynchronous session is a form of education that gives the student flexibility pertaining to time and place. A synchronous session is a form of education that takes place (on-campus or online) at a scheduled date and time. All material with instructions related to the following sessions will be posted on Moodle—HU Learning Platform: (1) The Culture and Spirit (Ethos) of Haigazian University, (2) Academic Advising, (3) Learning Styles and Skills, (4) Research and Writing, (5) University Life and Personal Development, and (6) Information Technology. You also need to meet all the requirements of OR099 before you sit for an online test which will be announced later. This test will help you and the Orientation office diagnose your strengths related to the various skills needed to be a good learner at HU.

I encourage you, at present, to access HU website www.haigazian.edu.lb and surf its various pages. It is advisable to focus on the following:

  • About Haigazian: Our Mission & Vision; Our History & Heritage
  • Academics: Academic Advising; Schedule of Courses
  • Admissions: Orientation
  • Student Life: Student Life; Spiritual Life; Clubs & Societies; Sports
  • Research: Writing Center
  • Administration: Policies & Procedures; HU Rights and Responsibilities

Finally, feel free to contact the Orientation Office at orientation@haigazian.edu.lb. We are glad to assist you and orient you online.

Welcome to Haigazian University.

Best regards,

Berge Traboulsi

Dr. Berge Traboulsi
Associate Professor
Director of the Orientation Program