Haigazian University


OR Testimonials

VAHAN SAGHDEJIAN [Major: CSC, Class of 2020]
Being part of the OR team has taught me the true meaning of our university’s motto: truth, freedom, and service. Truth manifests itself when we build new relationships with the new students based on honesty and friendship. Based on my experience, those last long after the OR day is over. Freedom is also portrayed in the OR when students are always encouraged to express themselves and speak their mind during the different sections of the program. Finally, the OR program gives one of the best examples of service when students dedicate themselves to help others and guide them through their journey.

NAYDA BEDIGIAN [Major: BIO, Class of 2019]
By being part of the Orientation Team for three years, I have learnt the true values and skills of communication, organization, and working within a team, where I had the chance to serve with passionate teammates and dedicated instructors. Moreover, as John C. Maxwell said “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. The Orientation Program Director, Dr. Traboulsi, himself being a true role model of a leader, has planted in me, as well as in all the assistants, the seeds of true leadership and equipped me with the skills of a future leader ready to face different challenges.

HAGOP KARAMIAN [Major: ENG, Class of 2018]
Being part of the Orientation Office and the Team has undoubtedly brought me one of the greatest joys at Haigazian University. But it has also conferred to me much more. I learned the value of good leadership from the efforts of my mentor and Director, Dr. Berge Traboulsi. I learned how to be more self-confident. I also had the honor of working alongside dedicated teammates, who also showed me the value of cooperation and collaboration. Finally, I was glad to share my experiences with new students and make them feel welcomed. In short, this experience has given me a golden opportunity to uphold values like service and to sharpen qualities like responsibility.

“Leadership is all about making a difference”.
My experience at the Orientation Program allowed me to gain self-confidence as a leader, which also helped me afterwards to become a senior assistant leader of my professor, director, mentor and true leader Dr. Berge Traboulsi for 3 consecutive years. Through this experience I gained friends, a new sense of pride in being part of the team, a stretched comfort zone and memories that have made my HU experience better than ever.

MONA RAMADAN [Major: MLS, Class of 2016]
Being part of the Orientation Team was an amazing experience since I got introduced to new students and worked with an organized director, Dr Berge Traboulsi. During those 3 years I learned how to be responsible, how to mingle with new people, how to make someone feel at home, and how to enjoy myself with my friends even under pressure of strict deadlines. I also experienced how one can be a passionate leader without expecting anything in return. “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”, Walt Disney.

LORI AGOPIAN [Major: HRM, Class of 2014]
Why did I join the Orientation Office? Because I wanted to!
Being part of the OR team was never an obligation or a duty.  It was a choice! And it was one of the best choices I made during my 4 years at Haigazian University.
By the end of my Orientation day back in 2010, I decided to fill out an application and be part of the program myself. Little did I know that orientation would be more than just an activity I took part in. Little did I know that orientation would shape my character and make me the leader I am today.
Tom Peters once said “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”.  This is what I observed in the Orientation Office. Dr. Traboulsi not only managed the OR Program but also created leaders from every team member. And that is exactly what he did with me: He equipped me with the necessary tools to go out there, handle and lead groups of diverse members.
If you’re lucky enough to be part of the OR Program, live every moment, and learn from every moment!

STEPHANIE RACHID [Major: HRM, Class of 2013]
Helping out and being involved and feeling like you are part of a team is exactly the feeling you get from being a member of the OR team. Three years in a row from a leader to a supervisor to becoming the assistant of the OR director, I got the opportunity to guide and encourage new as well as old students, to share my experience and learn to take responsibility as well as welcome the new students in a proper way. Other than learning how to manage and organize, the OR office is a key to the map that will guide you through your university years on different levels.

HERA EID [Major: MLS, Class of 2013]
Five years ago, being a new student at Haigazian University, it was mandatory for me to attend the “Orientation Program “. Later, being part of this yearly program became a choice. I chose to have an essential role in it and help in organizing because I knew its importance and could never forget the good mind-set I developed from the first day. This program is the support all new students acquire so that they will have better cooperation during the new stage in their life. Therefore, getting assistance and guidance would make every new student feel safe and pleased in his new environment. Then how about providing assistance and guidance? It gives me the feeling of satisfaction, happiness, responsibility and leadership. I am thankful and lucky I had the chance of this experience. YOU TOO, GO AHEAD AND GRAB THIS CHANCE!!

LARA ZOK [Major: ADC, Class of 2011]
Only after I was thrust into the career world did I really know the meaning of being a Haigazian University alumnus. The courses weren’t the only thing I took with me to companies I worked at. Haigazian University taught me to stay, and not just be, ambitious, for ambition shouldn’t be time-bound. All my course mates are still my closest friends; living with them and adapting to their culture while trying to teach them about mine were the key factor in raising my tolerance and respect levels for everyone around me. I learned that older people are more knowledgeable and that every word they say should be weighed as gold, for a day will come when we will recall them. Extracurricular activities kept me in shape, and introduced me to many peers who share my interests. I am proud to be a Haigazian University alumnus, and yes I say it loudly, sirdis gese haye.

SHAZA HAJJ SLEIMAN [Major: EDU, Class of 2010]
Through the Orientation Program I was able to get acquainted with other students, build friendships and explore the academic and social life at HU. Now, as a member of this family, I can truly say that orientation is the main step to meet new and different kinds of people and work with them in a very respectful way.

GARO AGOPIAN [Major: ADC, Class of 2010]
To orient and to be oriented. Well, in Haigazian University, it’s to be oriented and then to orient. In 2006, I was a prospective student being oriented and now, for the last 2 years, I’ve been orienting the newcomers to HU. The orientation process at Haigazian University, an experience by itself, not only minimizes the vast gap between students’ high school years and university life but also enhances them with leadership abilities and highlights the importance of human relationships. Thus, my advice to all HU students, current and future is: Be fully oriented and do not forget to orient others in your turn!

ZEINA SLEEM [Major: MLS, Class of 2009)
Being part of the Orientation Office was one of the most interesting and joyful experiences I had in the past 3 years. As a new student back in 2005, I didn’t enjoy the Orientation Day since I felt that it was boring; however, after witnessing 3 years of orientation, I can see the achieved improvements. I am proud that I was able to help new students whenever needed. I would work again at any time in this office because it reflects a successful group work and leadership.

LEILA SLEIMAN [Major: ADC, Class of 2009]
Being a new student, I was obliged to participate in the two-day Orientation Program. Back then I didn’t know the importance of such a program. For me it was just a way to pass the first exam in my university life. After spending a couple of months at Haigazian University, I realized that the Orientation Days were necessary because the students are provided with a lot of information about the university life. Having been a leader for 3 times in a row I must say that the experience is worth trying and that it’s one of the activities I am going to miss at Haigazian.

RAFFI FEGHALI [Major: CSC, Class of 2006]
I worked with the Orientation Office at Haigazian University two years in a row. During those two years, I learned new skills that were immensely needed. Maybe at that time, I wasn’t aware of my capabilities, but I can definitely say my communication, presentation and leadership skills were developed by emphasizing on them. The second year played a big role in evaluating them.

ARAZ BOUTCHAKJIAN [Major: BAD, Class of 2006]
The Orientation Days are memorable for all the new students since it is the first time they get in contact with the university students and faculty members. I enjoyed the successful days and I will never forget how organized and cooperative the director was which was what made the Orientation Day a success.

CLOVID LAHOUD [Major: BAD, Class of 2005]
At the beginning of 2003, I was asked to help in preparation for the Orientation Day. Since I know the importance of such a day and how helpful it is for the new students, I accepted immediately. The cooperation between the volunteers and Dr. Traboulsi was smooth. The long tiring hours of preparations were forgotten after realizing how beneficial it was for the new students. I miss those wonderful days and I am proud to see how the program has improved and developed. I advise every student to take part in this program because it is an unforgettable experience.