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What does the In-Service Teacher Training Program offer?

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Who can attend?

Admission Requirements

Do I need a university degree to join the In-service Teacher Training Program?

No. We do not require any educational diploma or degree.

What language is used in the training courses and workshops?

English, except in training courses or workshops for teachers of Arabic.

Are there any entrance exams?

No. However, participants must have good English for training courses.

When do new classes begin?

The Diploma Programs follow a semester system.

  • Fall Semester training courses: starting October
  • Spring Semester training courses: starting mid-February
  • Summer Semester training courses: starting early June up until mid-August

Most workshops are 4 hours.

  • Workshops are conducted throughout the academic year, with their dates being announced in advance.

At what time are training courses given and what is the duration of each course?

The Educational Leadership Diploma: Each training course lasts for 15 hours.
Diploma for Coordinators and Division Heads: Each training course lasts for 30 hours.
Diploma of Special Education Fundamentals: Each training course lasts for 26 hours.

Typically, training courses are available from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

What certificates are available?

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Are the ‘Educational Leadership Diploma,’ ‘Diploma for Coordinators and Division Heads’ and ‘Diploma of Special Education’ recognized by the regular degree programs of Haigazian University? By the Ministry of Education?

  • The training courses in these diploma programs are non-credit. They are not part of the regular degree programs of Haigazian University.
  • The Ministry of Education will authenticate diplomas from the In-service Teacher Training Program.

Where and when can I register?