Haigazian University



Ms. Juliana Saradar Eid (Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Special Education from the Lebanese American University, Beirut) is a counselor and subject-matter expert in Special Education. She is currently the Child Protection Officer (CPO) and the Consultant for Learning Support and Counseling departments at Broumana High School. She monitors the variety of services offered to students with specific needs, and provides support, consultation, counseling, and guidance to all school stakeholders. Experienced in building capacities and positive relationships, she also provides parental counseling and guidance, training sessions, and workshops aiming to ensure that available practices and systems exist to support a holistic transformation in people’s lives.

Dr. Juhaina Musharrafieh (B.S. in mathematics, T.D. in secondary education, M.A. in mathematics education, American University of Beirut; Doctorate in Education, Saint Joseph University, Beirut) has broad experience as a school administrator. Her Doctoral dissertation was on education for democracy in relation to students’ personality. She is currently the principal of Arts and Culture School, Aley, was previously the principal of another school, and has helped establish five other schools. Dr. Musharrafieh has also coordinated math programs, helped develop a math curriculum, and taught mathematics at the intermediate and secondary levels. She has a number of papers, studies, and publications.

Ms. Lina Osseiran (B.A. & T.D., American University of Beirut; M.A. in Educational Administration & Supervision, Haigazian University) is co-author of the book entitled “Grammar in Context.” She has taught for eighteen years in a private school in Beirut and was a school director in Qatar. Formerly the school director/principal at Adduha High School in Lebanon, she is now the school principal of Phoenix International School in Lebanon and a part-time instructor at Haigazian University.

Ms. Mary Ghazarian Gurunlian (B.S. in Biology, T.D. and M.A. in Education, Administration and Supervision, Haigazian University; PHD in Education, in progress) is a published author, educational trainer, and the founder of social emotional learning hub in Beirut, offering training to schools, educators, youth, children and catering to corporate training needs. Her initiative was a finalist in the unescwa challenge for its contribution to restoring hope in the Arab region. Mary’s primary expertise lies in incorporating emotional intelligence into national curricula, workplaces, and organizational environments. Her publications mainly focus on emotional intelligence and social stereotypes, equity in schools, mental health, and psychosocial support. Additionally, she offers courses on 21st-century teaching strategies, assessment, instructional technology, and other innovative pedagogical tools aimed at fostering better communities and creating more sustainable societies.

Dr. Lina Harati (Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Saint Louis University) has amassed twenty years of experience in the field of education, working as a teacher, subject coordinator, and departmental coordinator at the K-12 school level. She has also held assistant professor positions at universities in Lebanon and abroad. She leads various trainings and aids in curriculum design as a consultant for different NGOs and private institutions. Furthermore, Dr. Harati has authored a book and multiple articles about education and has led a number of professional development workshops. Her areas of expertise include curriculum design, education leadership, professional development, and career guidance. She firmly believes that education is the only solution for a better future.