Haigazian University



Mr. Mohammed El Amine (B.A. in English, Lebanese University; Master’s degree in progress) is currently an English teacher at Rawda High School; he also teaches English at other schools and at the Lebanese International University. Mr. El Amine is a certified trainer. For some years he has been extensively involved in training for the teaching of English and for conflict resolution.

Ms. Juliana Saradar Eid (Maters’ Degree in Special Education, Lebanese American University, Beirut) is currently the Coordinator of the Elementary Special Education Department and a Counselor at Broumana High School. She monitors services offered to students with specific needs, provides support, consultation, counseling, and guidance to all school stakeholders. Experienced in building capacities and positive relationships, she provides training sessions and workshops aiming to ensure that available practices and systems exist to support a holistic transformation in people’s lives

Dr. Juhaina Musharrafieh (B.S. in mathematics, T.D. in secondary education, M.A. in mathematics education, American University of Beirut; Doctorate in Education, Saint Joseph University, Beirut) has broad experience as a school administrator. Her Doctoral dissertation was on education for democracy in relation to students’ personality. She is currently principal of Arts and Culture School, Aley, was previously principal of another school, and has helped establish five other schools. Dr. Musharrafieh has also coordinated math programs, helped develop a math curriculum, and taught mathematics at the intermediate and secondary levels. She has a number of papers, studies, and publications.

Mr. Sultan Nassereddein (Ph.D. candidate, Lebanese University) is a specialist in the Arabic language, its literature, and the ways of teaching them.  He is a member of the Evaluation Committee at the National Center for Educational Research and Development, an expert in teacher training, and general coordinator for the Arabic language at Rawda High School. He has several publications, such as: نصوص مسموعة (10أجزاء), علّميني يا حياة, رسائل دافئة, شباب دائم, دبابيس, مَشاهد ملوّنة, فنّ الإصغاء

Ms. Lina Osseiran (B.A. &  T.D., American University of Beirut; M.A. in Educational Administration & Supervision, Haigazian University) is coauthor of the book Grammar in Context. She taught for eighteen years in a private school in Beirut, was a school director in Qatar, and is currently a school director at Adduha High School in Lebanon and a part-time instructor at Haigazian University.

Ms. Mary Ghazarian (B.S. in Biology, T.D. and M.A. in Education, Administration and Supervision, Haigazian University; PHD in Education, in progress) has more than 15 years teaching experience in elementary, intermediate and secondary classes Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She has been Academic Coordinator for many years and has concurrently given workshops on initiating clubs at schools; classroom management, organizing fundraising activities and effective teacher-student relationships.She is currently the principal of Mekhitarist Fathers’ School in Rawda and continues her doctorate degree in Education, on Emotional Intelligence. She is the Author of a practical toolkit book on introducing social emotional learning into classroom (Keeping the Heart in Mind – Published in 2019) a topic that she is providing as training sessions, workshops and conferences in Lebanon and abroad. 

Ms. Aline El Jurdi is a university instructor at Notre Dame University (NDU) and Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS). She teaches education, communication, and language courses. She is also an academic trainer and gives professional development workshops and trainings in different fields. She is a MA holder in Education from the Lebanese American University (LAU) and currently pursuing her PhD in Education with a focus on media literacy. Her research interests include linguistics, cognition, literacy, and leadership.

Dr. Dayana Majdalani Docteur en sciences de l’éducation, elle a obtenu en 2007 sa licence d’enseignement de l’Université Libanaise- Faculté de Pédagogie. Ensuite, elle a eu son master de l’Université Saint-Esprit Kaslik/ option : didactique de l’enseignement. Enseignante de la langue française depuis 2006, elle a eu l’occasion d’enseigner les classes du primaire et du complémentaire ; ce qui l’a permis de mettre en pratique les nouvelles méthodes d’enseignement auprès d’élèves d’âges différents. Son expérience professionnelle l’a amplement aidée à maîtriser davantage la gestion de la classe, ainsi que la différenciation de la pédagogie. Outre sa thèse de doctorat qui porte sur l’influence des contenus disciplinaires et des procédés pédagogiques sur l’intégration sociale des élèves dans la société libanaise, elle a publié deux articles émanant de la didactique de l’enseignement et de la sociologie de l’éducation.