Haigazian University


Tuition and Fees

Dates for applying and payment of tuition fees are posted before each semester.

All fees must be paid in Lebanese pounds.

Courses in the program ‘The 21st Century Teacher’:

Registration fee (non-refundable): 60,000 LBP / course

Tuition fees:
20-hour course 360,000 LBP
18-hour course 320,000 LBP
15-hour course 280,000 LBP
12-hour course 220,000 LBP

Courses in the program ‘Diploma for Coordinators and Division Heads’

– Registration fee (non-refundable): 60,000 LBP / course
– Tuition fee: 540,000 LBP / course

Modules in the program ‘Diploma of Special Education Fundamentals’

– Registration fee (non-refundable): 60,000 LBP / module
– Tuition fee: 680,000 LBP / module


– No registration fee
– Tuition fees are announced at the time of the workshop.
(4-hour workshops are usually 180,000 LBP.)

(1) The school must send 5 or more teachers to attend courses or workshops during a semester.
(2) Payment for these 5 or more teachers must be made all at one time.


* HU has the right to change fees without prior notice.

Refund Policy

Courses and Modules: 
Registration fees are non-refundable. In the event a participant withdraws for justifiable reasons after registration, tuition fee refunds will be made as follows:

  • In the Fall or Spring Semester:
    The 21st Century Teacher
    – before the second class, 100% of tuition
    – before the third class, 50% of tuition
    The Diploma Programs
    – during the first week of classes, 100% of tuition
    – during the second or third week of classes, 50% of tuition
  • In the Summer Session:
    – during the first week of classes, 70% of tuition

Refunds must be claimed within 3 months of withdrawal from the course.


  • Withdrawal 6 working days before the workshop or earlier:  100% refund
  • Withdrawal 2 to 5 working days before the workshop:  50% refund
  • Withdrawal one working day before or on the day of the workshop or no-show:  no refund

Refunds must be claimed within 3 months of withdrawal from the workshop.