Haigazian University


Tailor-Made Training

The CCE at Haigazian University takes pride in offering tailor-made training that precisely caters to the needs of schools, including teachers, coordinators, and administrators. Virtual, on-campus, or on-site workshop sessions are all available options for these customized training sessions.


Our instructors are experienced school teachers, coordinators, and administrators. They work in Lebanese schools and are also familiar with the American and British school curricula. They hold master’s or doctoral degrees in relevant fields. Our instructors give training in English, Arabic, and Armenian.


The content of any training is decided in consultation with the individual school. Examples of on-site training that we have given at different schools:
– Classroom Management, for teachers of all grade levels
– Effective Teaching and Evaluation, for teachers of all grade levels
– Lesson Planning, for elementary teachers
– Teaching Arabic, for elementary teachers
– Teaching Reading to Children with Learning Disabilities, for elementary teachers
– Character Education, for preschool and elementary teachers
– Basic Skills for Preschool Teachers
– Basic Skills for Coordinators