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What does the Adult Education Program offer?

– The Business Training Track offers business training sessions and workshops. 
– ‘Lifestyles & Social Issues’ offers general interest workshops and courses.

Who can join?

Business Training Track:
– Business training sessions: People 20 or older who have good English.
– Workshops: People at least 20 years old, or with relevant work experience, and with good English
Lifestyles & Social Issues:
People 18 or older.

What language is used?

– Business Training Track:  English
– Lifestyles & Social Issues:  Usually English

Do I need to have a university degree to join the Business Training Track?

No.  We do not require any educational diploma or degree.

Are there any entrance exams?

Business Training Track and ‘Lifestyles & Social Issues’:
– No.  However, people applying to Business Training Programs will be asked to write a short essay and have an interview if their English  seems weak.

When do new classes begin?

Business training sessions and ‘Lifestyles & Social Issues’
– New classes begin 6 times a year:
• late September/early October
• mid-November
• early January
• mid-February
• early April
• mid-May

– Workshops are given throughout the year.

What time are classes and how long do they take?

All classes are in the evening.

Business Training Track
Business Training Programs:
–  Most classes meet once or twice a week, usually from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
–  It usually takes 5 or 6 weeks to complete a business training session.

–  Each workshop is from 3 to 12 hours long.

Lifestyles & Social Issues
   –  Classes usually start at 6:00 or 6:30 p.m.
–  The length of workshops and courses varies.

What are the tuition fees?

Business training sessions:
10-hour training session: 110 USD
12-hour training session: 130 USD
15-hour training session: 140 USD
20-hour training session: 195 USD
25-hour training session: 245 USD

– Posted when the workshop is announced

Lifestyles & Social Issues: 
– Fees vary

What certificates and diplomas are available?

Business training sessions:
– A Certificate of Performance is granted at the end of each training session to participants who complete all the requirements.

– A Certificate of Attendance is granted at the end of each workshop to participants who fulfill the attendance requirements.

– Leadership and Change Management Diploma
– Project Management Diploma
– Human Resources Professional Diploma

– Talent Management Diploma
– Professional Sales Diploma
– Professional Marketing Diploma
– Professional Management Diploma
– The Complete Professionalism Toolkit Diploma
– Basic Accounting for Non-accountants Diploma
– Intermediate Accounting for Non-accountants Diploma
– Finance Diploma

Lifestyles & Social Issues:
– A certificate of attendance is granted at the end of a workshop or course upon request.

Will a diploma from the Business Training Center be recognized by the regular degree programs of Haigazian University?  By the Ministry of Education?

– The Adult Education Program’s training sessions, courses, and workshops are non-credit; they are not part of the regular degree programs of the university.
– The Ministry of Education will authenticate certificates and diplomas from the Adult Education Program.

Who are the instructors?

Business Training Track and ‘Lifestyles & Social Issues’:
– The instructors are professionals who work in the fields that they teach.  Most are also experienced trainers.

Where and when can I register?

Where – In the Center for Continuing Education (College Building, room 204) at Haigazian University, Mexique Street, Kantari, Beirut

When – Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 1:30-4:30 p.m.

Tel.:  961-1-353010/1/2  or 961-1-349230/1  Ext. 354
Email:  cce@haigazian.edu.lb
Facebook:  CCE Haigazian
Twitter:  @CCEHaigazian
LinkedIn:  Haigazian University – Center for Continuing Education
Webpage:  www.haigazian.edu.lb