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What does the Adult Education Program offer?

– The Business Training Track offers business training courses and workshops. 
– ‘Lifestyles & Social Issues’ offers general interest workshops, training courses, and lectures.

Who can join?

Business Training Track:
– Business training courses: People 20 or older who have good English.
– Workshops: People at least 20 years old, or with relevant work experience, and with good English
Lifestyles & Social Issues:
People 18 or older.

What language is used?

– Business Training Track:  English
– Lifestyles & Social Issues:  Usually English

Do I need to have a university degree to join the Business Training Track?

No.  We do not require any educational diploma or degree.

Are there any entrance exams?

Business Training Track and ‘Lifestyles & Social Issues’:
– No.  However, people applying to Business Training Diploma Programs will be asked to write a short essay and have an interview if their English seems weak.

What time are classes and how long do they take?

All classes are in the evening.

Business Training Track
Business Training Programs:
–  Most class sessions are held once or twice a week, usually from 6:30pm to 8:30pm (Lebanon time).
–  The completion time for a business training course typically ranges from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on its length or the number of hours involved.

–  Each workshop is from 3 to 12 hours long.

Lifestyles & Social Issues
–  Class sessions usually start at 6:00pm or 6:30 pm (Lebanon time).
–  The length of workshops/training courses/lectures varies.

What are the tuition fees?

Business training courses:
10-hour training course: 145 USD
12-hour training course: 170 USD
15-hour training course: 185 USD
20-hour training course: 255 USD
25-hour training course: 320 USD

– Posted when the workshop is announced

Lifestyles & Social Issues: 
– Fees vary

Will a diploma from the Business Training Track be recognized by the regular degree programs of Haigazian University?  By the Ministry of Education?

– The Adult Education Program’s training courses, and workshops are non-credit; they are not part of the regular degree programs of the university.
– The Ministry of Education will authenticate diplomas from the Adult Education Program.

Who are the instructors?

Business Training Track and ‘Lifestyles & Social Issues’:
– The instructors are professionals who work in the fields that they teach. Most are also experienced trainers.

Where and when can I register?

Kindly refer to the AEP Registration menu.