Haigazian University


Certificates & Diplomas

Certificates of Performance

Certificate of Performance is granted for a single training session. To obtain a Certificate of Performance, the participant must fulfill all the requirements of that training session.


Certificates of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance is granted at the end of each  workshop. To obtain the certificate, the participant must fulfill the attendance requirements.


Diplomas of Training Programs

The diplomas of business training programs are:

– Leadership and Change Management Diploma
– Project Management Diploma
– Human Resources Professional Diploma
– Talent Management Diploma
– Professional Management Diploma
– Professional Sales Diploma
– Professional Marketing Diploma
– The Complete Professionalism Toolkit Diploma
– Basic Accounting for Non-accountants Diploma
– Intermediate Accounting for Non-accountants Diploma
– Finance Diploma

To obtain a training program diploma a participant must complete all of the training sessions required for that particular training program*. This is done by fulfilling all the requirements for each training session.

* The training sessions of the training program must be completed in not more than two years.