Haigazian University


Certificates & Diplomas

Certificates of Performance

A Certificate of Performance is awarded for a single training course or lecture if it includes participant evaluation based on performance (final grade) and if all the course or lecture requirements are fulfilled by the participant.

As a result, in the “Business Training Track,” a Certificate of Performance is always granted upon successfully completing the training course (there is always a final grade). Whereas, in the “Lifestyles & Social Issues” training courses or lectures, a Certificate of Performance is awarded only if they include participant evaluation, and the participant fulfills the requirements.


Certificates of Attendance

After each workshop, participants receive a Certificate of Attendance upon meeting the attendance requirements.

For “Lifestyles & Social Issues” training courses or lectures, a Certificate of Attendance or Participation is awarded only if participant evaluation is not included, provided that the participant meets the attendance/participation requirements.



To earn a training program Diploma within the “Business Training Track,” participants must complete all the required training courses for that program. Each training course’s requirements must be fulfilled, and the entire program should be completed within a maximum of two academic years.


Official Transcript

a) Upon successful completion of a Diploma program, participants receive an official transcript detailing the final grades of each training course taken within the program.

b) Upon successful completion of an individual training course, participants may receive an official transcript indicating the final grade for that specific training course.