Haigazian University


AEP Tuition and Fees

Dates for applying and payment of tuition fees are found in the AEP Registration menu.

All fees must be paid in USD.


Application Fees:

Business training diploma programs and ‘Lifestyles & Social Issues’:

  • 10 USD (non-refundable)

N.B. This would mean that an application fee of 10 USD is required for the first training course registered within a diploma program. Subsequent training courses within the same program only require payment of the tuition fee.


  • No application fee


Tuition Fees:

Business training courses:

  • 10-hour training course: 145 USD
  • 12-hour training course: 170 USD
  • 15-hour training course: 185 USD
  • 20-hour training course: 255 USD
  • 25-hour training course: 320 USD

Therefore, currently:

  • Each HR training course (12 hours): 170 USD
  • Each Project management, Business Model Canvas, Customer Service, and Operational Excellence training course (20 hours): 255 USD

Business Training Track Workshops:

  • Posted when the workshop is announced


Lifestyles & Social Issues:

  • Fees are announced when the workshop, training course, or lecture is offered.


*HU has the right to change fees without prior notice.


Refund Policy:

Please be advised that we do not offer refunds.