Haigazian University


Armenian Diaspora RC

Haigazian University Armenian Diaspora Research Center

(Official announcement, September 5, 2011 official inauguration, January 2012)

Established through a donation by Mr. Yercho Samuelian
Director: Antranik Dakessian, Ph.D.
Location:  Heritage Building, Room 406
Contacts: adakessian@haigazian.edu.lb ; 01 349230 ext. 205, 03 712058

The Haigazian University Armenian Diaspora Research Center is established to study diverse aspects of the Armenian Diaspora communities in general and in the Middle East in particular, their history, culture, interaction with and integration to the hostland, the homeland and other Diaspora communities beyond the Middle East. The Center functions under a “Center Director” in collaboration with the University President’s Academic Cabinet and in cooperation with the Faculty and Librarians.

The Center organizes conferences, hosts public lectures and focus-group discussions, offers internship programs, coordinates and channels efforts in and towards Armenian Diaspora studies in the Middle East.
The Center is engaged in collecting, sorting, and analyzing primary data on the Middle Eastern Armenian Diaspora communities in the context of saving and protecting Armenian Diaspora cultural heritage. It disseminates and promotes academic awareness and knowledge about the Diaspora phenomenon and relevant issues of identity, integration and preservation.