Haigazian University


Financial Aid

Haigazian University makes higher education possible for qualified men and women by means of a variety of financial assistance programs. Financial assistance is usually provided to students who qualify on the basis of academic achievement and demonstrated need. Financial Aid is granted annually to regular full-time students. Financial Aid recipients must remain in good academic standing and maintain normal educational progress. Students who are on academic or disciplinary probation will not receive Financial Aid for the following year.

The work program requires that students receiving Financial Aid from the University be assigned duties in laboratories, libraries, offices, or related institutions for several hours each week. The number of hours assigned to each student is proportional to the amount of Financial Aid granted to the student by the University.

The vast majority of Financial Aid given by HU is in the form of need-based Financial Aid. In addition, special academic scholarships are offered based on academic performance. HU also offers athletic and sports scholarships, graduate assistantships and Financial Aid for graduate studies.


Financial Aid Granted Since 2001.

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